Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions Family meals with extended family over the holidays are a large part of our memories. Sharing conversations with people you may have not seen since last Christmas or Easter happen during this time.  What are some of the foods you traditionally serve on Christmas? Turkey and ham are huge favorites at our home, [...]

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Communication is Key!

Communication is Key! There are so many ways to communicate your services and products to the interested targeted audience. Social media, websites, mail, billboards, texting, email, and even the phone! With so many options many businesses do a little of everything to attract the attention of would-be clients or customers. A determining factor to your [...]

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Turkey Time!

Turkey Time!   Holiday season is approaching and that means you will likely be purchasing a turkey for a family gathering. It is important that the turkey is prepared properly to avoid any food poisoning, that often occurs during the thawing process. Turkeys are available now and it might be a good idea to purchase [...]

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Preparing for Summer Entertaining

Summertime and backyard barbecues go hand and hand especial over the holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. We are fortunate that early Fall is also a time to have people over when the weather changes slightly. There are a few ways to prepare for the grill, clean up the furniture, and [...]

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Our maids are family!

What would we do without our maids? Well, we wouldn’t have a business! Our maids aren’t just staff, we care about our maids as family. We look for similar traits in our maids-respect, positive attitude, cooperation, punctuality, leadership, and a genuine concern for others.  All these traits are necessary before we allow them in anyone’s [...]

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Cleaning The Clutter

Fall is such a great time of year with cooler weather, festivals, and an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the weather. As we all know, time goes by quickly in these last few months of the year. September is a time of renewal and preparing for the holidays to come. We all have those [...]

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September Changes

School has started! Exciting time for your kids to meet their teachers, get an idea of expectations for the school year, plan your calendar, and maybe there is a sense of both delight and melancholy with the parents. Kids are getting older, and yet you are glad they are getting more independent. What is up [...]

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What Makes a Good Maid Great?

There are many cleaning services to choose from to get your home clean, but why would you choose one service provider over another? What are some of the reasons you would let someone into your home to clean it? Our maids are the best in the county because they all carry similar traits. You can’t [...]

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Mother’s Day-Honor Mom!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that most people set time aside to honor their mother, grandmother, or wives with something out of the ordinary to make them feel extraordinary and honored. But it wasn’t until 1873 that Mother’s Day was accepted in the United States, thanks to Julia Ward Howe who [...]

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