Swedish Cleaning is a Real Thing!

The idea was developed by a Swede, Margareta Magnusson, and described in her book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to free yourself and your family of a lifetime of clutter. The author wrote it after her parents passed away and she had to take care of all their possessions.

The idea is to start decluttering as you move through life, and not waiting until the end when your loved ones will decide what to do with all the items that had sentimental value to you. Perhaps not to family members or friends you wanted it to go to. The procedure of cleansing through items annually will lessen the burden others may have on your untimely death.

Often, we hold onto “things” because they trigger a memorable experience. Get rid of things that you can’t wear, won’t wear, or that are duplicates of what you already have including excessive dishes, glassware, pot/pans, and tools in your garage.

Sell items or give as gifts to friends and family that have admired some of your treasured items. Ask yourself if anyone really will want your 5th grade love letter. Will their life be enhanced by saving your memorable items?

Documenting your logins and passwords in a manual for financial information, business procedures, or any billing information. We have so many logins for everything in the digital world we live in, it would be very challenging to take care of your loved one without this information.

The key idea is that your will enjoy life more with less clutter. Death cleaning is a more permanent way of organizing that allows you to live your life smoothly. While you pare down on items you can focus on what really matters in life and be happier.

When you are ready for a good “Deep Cleaning” after the “Death Cleaning” contact us at We Clean 4 You! We save you time to make new memories with your family!



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