Your time is valuable. How you spend your time is up to you, but your priory should be on the things that matter most. Faith, family, work, and things that bring us joy and create memories are generally at the top of the list. Where is housework in the priority list?

All of us lead busy lives. Along with our daily employment duties, many of us are involved in the community volunteering for youth groups, sporting events, church activities, or events related to our work or family members. There is just not enough time!

Cleaning your home is important. It protects your investment, maintains a healthy family, and just feels good to have a home clean and well kept for friends to visit. How much free time do you have allocated to mopping floors, wiping baseboards, sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen, spot cleaning all lamps, windowsills, dusting every flat surface, vacuuming all rooms, and cleaning the blinds? If you add taking care of extended family or parents, time is even more “sandwiched”.

Everyone has different talents. Maids are professional skilled housecleaners and can do the job quickly. If you calculate the time you lose doing what a maid could do in 3 hours, it is easier and more affordable to hire a maid. Finding time for rest and relaxation is critical for physical and mental health. Pushing yourself to do it all changes our moods and affects family relations. You cannot reduce the time you spend at work, but you can reduce the time you spend doing menial tasks. Doesn’t your family deserve more?

Give your loved one the gift of Maid Service for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or just because you want to show how much more their time means to you. Take back time to do something fun or meaningful that can be added to your memories!

Let WeClean4You be on your priority list and start making memories with people that matter most!





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