Have you ever noticed that cows run away from storms? Cows sense when a storm is approaching and move the opposite way. Since cows are not fast-moving animals, the storm catches them quickly and takes them over as they advance, exhausting themselves and prolonging their time in the storm.

Buffalos react differently than cows when the storms approaches. As a storm moves forward, buffalos charge straight into it, enduring less pain and frustration, making their way through and spend less time in the storm.

We all have storms in our life, and some are very similar. How we deal with the challenge is what makes us all unique.

Many of us tend to try to outrun the storm. We hedge around adversity, and we put off challenges in our life that may seem unattainable or a struggle. Meaningful life encounters, like financial security, exploring a different career path, or a feeling that something could be wrong with our health. We may think of excuses as to why we shouldn’t check on symptoms of an ailment. Delaying immediate action generally makes the situation worse.

As founders of We Clean 4 You, Jeff and Lucille Hutton run a successful small business with close, personal relationships with clients and staff.  July 2020 paralyzed their lives when Lucille was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. This diagnosis changed the way they ran their business and, of course, their life. Together, they went through every doctor visit and chemotherapy session. In February this year, Lucille had a very risky Whipple surgery to remove the head of the pancreas with a 40% chance of complications after the surgery.

Their challenges were both personal and professional. They needed to stay focused on the outcomes for Lucille and let their experienced leadership handle some of the business. They plunged forward like buffaloes not knowing how long the storm would last or if there would be damage from the storm. Unlike the buffalo their faith and a community of believers got them to the other side of the storm and Lucille is now CANCER-FREE!

How you respond to the storm can also be a predecessor of the anticipated outcome.

What direction are you heading?

We Clean 4 You partners with Cleaning for a Reason, supporting cancer patients in the community by providing free home cleaning services. Contact the office to learn more: (832) 928-1690.

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