The kids have been home with you since Spring Break in March. How is it going? Are you having a difficult time maintaining the cleanliness of the home? It is like an extended summer vacation that never ends. Time to add guidelines in place if you have not already done so.


  • Every day: Make your bed and clean room before going to bed. Every single day.
  • Spend time outside. Walk together as a family. Ride bikes. Invent a game in the backyard. Get a tetherball.
  • Get a picnic table and eat outdoors when possible. Give the kids popsicles. Throw down a blanket and eat on grass.
  • Put items away in their proper storage area when finished with them. Everyone in family is responsible for doing this.
  • Kids must put toys/crafts/games away before they go on to next project.
  • All members of family get a task responsibility each week dependent on individual age and abilities
  • Have the younger children team up to help you with one simple project-wipe down counters, wipe down bathroom, refill soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, check mail.
  • Everyone participates in Guidelines every day. No exceptions.


Opportunities are still limited throughout the community. Do something to demonstrate kindness.

  • Make a card for the elderly in nursing homes
  • Check out opportunities in person or virtually √†Volunteer
  • The Woodlands Chamber has a Giving Guide with resources-√† Giving Guide
  • Bring food to families in need
  • Walk dogs in the neighborhood
  • Start a virtual food drive

Home Projects

By now you have probably cleaned closets, the garage, the pantry, a have a pile of items ready for donations.

  • Check home for safety hazards-cords, smoke detectors, and walkways
  • Is there an evacuation plan in place for a hurricane, a fire, or a natural disaster like a tornado?
  • Make a plan of who to call, where to meet up, and best exits in the home
  • Its almost Hurricane Season. Gather supplies and be prepared√†Hurricane Ready

A few other helpful hints:

  • Take off shoes or wipe before entering home
  • Wash a load of clothes daily
  • Designate a child to be Inspector for a day of any violations of set guidelines. Award with a prize.

Our mission at We Clean 4 You is to make your life easier and allow you family time!



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