It is Christmas Time! Exciting, fun, and often a little overwhelming. If you take your home preparations a step at a time it is easier to handle. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What do guests see first when they drive up to your home? Do you have a welcoming wreath on the door? Christmas Lights are a nice touch. Outside appearance must be very welcoming!

When you walk into your home is the focus on Christmas or do you see items that can be stored away until after the Holiday season? Keep everything simple and uncluttered. The aroma could be fresh pine from the tree, pinecones with cinnamon or a simmering pot of oranges with cinnamon has the scents of Christmas.

If you are receiving regular cleanings of maid service all that is needed to do around the home is to wipe down the baseboards, spot clean the toilets, mop the floors, vacuum, and rid refrigerator of old food. Is there room in both the guest room and coat closet for guests to use for their clothing?

Hours before the guests arrive wipe down the bathroom counters, toilets, mirrors, and hang fresh towels. Wipe down all your kitchen countertops, empty the trash and turn on the Christmas Lights. If you have scented candles, light them and don’t forget about them!

If your guests are staying for a day or longer you may want to find out what dietary restrictions they have and pick up some of their favorite snacks to make them feel welcome. Bath and Body Works, or your local CVS or Walgreens stores will have small toiletries you can set up in the guest bathroom for those forgotten essentials. Add fresh towels and check the toilet paper every other day. In case it gets chilly have an extra blanket available in the guest room.

These days everyone has a laptop and a cell phone. Have the WiFi password available on the nightstand for their use while staying with you. Is there a clock in the room? A small alarm clock works fine.

Lastly, put out some cinnamon sticks, bake some cookies and turn on the Christmas music. Falalalala…..

Merry Christmas from We Clean 4 You!


It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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