Your home is your largest investment and regardless of keeping forever or re-selling the home, you must clean and maintain the appearance for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the value of your investment. Although we can all probably clean our home it takes a lot of time away from doing things we enjoy, including time with family!

We started the Maid Service, We Clean 4 You, to give our maids an income and to give other families quality time! So how do you decide who has the best cleaning service?

Every reputable maid service should have a place to check on reviews. Google maid service for your local area. Don’t just call the first listings on the page. The individual businesses pay to have their name on the top of the list. You need to dig deeper. Yelp, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List and Home Advisor all allow reviews. Almost every business now has a Facebook business page. An individual business cannot delete the reviews, so this is a great place to look for credible information.

Who do you know that has a Maid Service? Referrals from a trusted friend really helps make wise choices. After all, why would you trust a stranger into your home? The combination of a trusted referral and great reviews would be the best place to start looking for a maid service.

Once you connect with a maid service ask a lot of questions. Any reputable business will gladly answer any and all your questions.  Do you feel safe with them? Will they be dependable? With a service versus an individual they will insure your home is cleaned without having to worry about cancellations.

Does the maid service do background checks as part of their new hire selections? If someone comes into your home no matter what the service, you need to ask if the company does background checks, is insured , and bonded. Never hire a maid service that is not fully insured, bonded, and open to questions. This protects you and your home for damage, criminal conduct, theft, and possible loss of items.

Trust is very big with our business and if that word is not mentioned at all with other home improvement services, you need to hang up and call another company. You can build trust with maids by having the same maid come into your home consistently. That is not always possible, but an honest maid service will try to do it each time and they can track who has cleaned at your home. This builds the trusting relationship. Event the dogs may be more passive!

If they have new maids every time, that may bring up questions of the stability of the maid service. Do they have a high turnover rate? If there are new maids each time something is wrong. It may be an unethical business with low pay, lack of training, or ambivalence about their business.

Lastly, be sure and ask about cleaning supplies and equipment. Do they use your vacuum or are the maids fully self-contained? At We Clean 4 You the maids are bonded, we carry insurance, and care about our maids. They are our assets! Background checks are a routine procedure to hiring. And they really care about the staff with regular meetings, trainings, and incentives. Looking for a service….Call We Clean 4 you!










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