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Getting your home ready for the Maid

Whether you’ve had regular maid service or not there are a few things you may not know. Your Estimate This is based on what you tell us before the service. We will give you an estimate based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage of the home. Our fee is based also on services [...]

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Home Cleaning – New Year/New Thoughts

New Year/New Thoughts January is typically the time to re-start your engine. Dieting, organizing, planning, and de-cluttering. By February, most of the new goals for the year have long been forgotten and life goes on. Many people believe that if you write down your goals and post in a prominent place this will help you [...]

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Organization After Christmas

Organization After Christmas You made it through the Holidays and it’s time to take down the outside lights and store the Christmas tree. When you put up the Christmas decorations it’s excitement with hopes of the season to come. Taking it down and storing it away for next year doesn’t seem to have the same [...]

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Guests for the Holidays

By now you are in full Christmas mode and are trying to keep it all together these next few weeks while enjoying all that the Holidays have to offer. Don’t stress! We can help! Cleaning Before the Guests Arrive Declutter by storing or donating all unnecessary items that you don’t use often. Your main items [...]

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We Clean 4 You Assists Women with Cancer by Cleaning Homes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and We Clean 4 You helps women with any form of cancer to make their life a little easier. Year to date they have cleaned homes for 11 women undergoing cancer treatments and 28 cleanings-all with no fee to the recipients. “Knowing several friends and family members battling cancer [...]

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Cleaning house before fall decorations

Football Season, pumpkin everything, festivals, fall foliage, and Halloween-all things we love about Fall. Cooler weather would be nice and welcome to stay for a while. We also are a little more motivated to clean and get ready for the season of decorating our homes for the Holidays. By the time August comes we are [...]

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Getting Ready for Fall

Fall is such a great time of year for those of us in the Greater Houston area! Cooler temperatures, festivals, and a time to prepare before the Holidays. Here are a few tips to get you motivated for the changing of the season.   Gutters Are your gutters clear of debris? Can water flow smoothly? [...]

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Work Out-Clean House

  Multi task and Burn Calories! Housework! No, it’s not fun, but maybe if we can get a workout connected to the task, we can have more quality time to spend with our family and doing enjoyable things. Let’s try some workouts combined with basic cleaning chores to make it a little bit more fun. [...]

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Back to School – Tips for Parents

Summer is over! The signs are all around you-commercials, Back to School Drives, school supplies in all the grocery stores, department stores, and crowds of people. Yes, the rush is on to get prepared and organized for the start of the school year. Time to plan for activities, new schedule demands and oh, yes-the normal [...]

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