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Back to School – Tips for Parents

Summer is over! The signs are all around you-commercials, Back to School Drives, school supplies in all the grocery stores, department stores, and crowds of people. Yes, the rush is on to get prepared and organized for the start of the school year. Time to plan for activities, new schedule demands and oh, yes-the normal [...]

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Oven Cleaning

Cleaning your oven is one of the yukkiest jobs to do. I look at mine and say-maybe later! But I just found a new way that basically cleans itself.  All that is required is a water bottle, vinegar, baking soda, water, a rag, and a small bowl. (Vinegar and baking soda should be your staple [...]

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Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning Let’s get it Done! Can you remember the last time you cleaned behind the refrigerator? Never did it? The reason you want to do this is to reduce the work load and increase the efficiency of your hardest working appliance in the kitchen. We all know the refrigerator needs to be wiped down [...]

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Items We Forget to Clean

How many times do we just get in a routine of cleaning “what people see on the surface”? Are you overlooking a few places you never think about? Some of these nooks and crannies collect an enormous amount of germs and gunk that collect over time. See how many make you wonder about the last [...]

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Simple uses for things you throw away

There are so many things we just throw away because it is easier. But did you know there are uses for coffee grounds, foil, dryer sheets, old socks, and even straws? Why not try some of these ideas if you have them around the house anyway? Coffee Grounds I don’t know about you, but I [...]

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Teens and Bedrooms

Bugs, Dishes, and other Fungi When the kids are young it is fun to make a game of cleaning up their rooms. You can sit on the floor with them and they will be excited to play with you while organizing their room. As they get older (12 years to 16 years of age), the [...]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning What is this Green Snow? Why is it called Spring Cleaning? Is that the only time we clean? Traditionally Spring is when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and we get out from our winter blues to enjoy the fresh air. As a North Houston resident, our winters are generally mild, [...]

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Managing Pet Odors in your Home

Do people know you have pets in your home before they even walk in? I’m not talking about the rush of dogs or the sound of barking at your entrance. Often you can smell the cat/dog before you even walk into the house. The odor of pets in a home can be the one thing [...]

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Dust Bunnies or Easter Bunnies?

This is an in-between time of year. We can never be sure if we are done with Winter or if Spring has actually arrived to stay. Do we turn on the air conditioner or the heater? One thing is for sure-the bunnies are out! Yes, I meant Dust Bunnies, not the Easter rendition. What are [...]

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Removing the Clutter – Cleaning Made Easy!

It is so easy to collect things you don’t need in your home. Less clutter-easier to clean also! There is probably excess mail, books, magazines, clothing, and even furniture you don’t and haven’t used in a period of time. Even food in your pantry thatyou won’t use! So let’s start by going room to room to [...]

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