We just had a devastating disaster in our community that is very far-reaching. Homes destroyed, businesses closed, buy yet after the rain, the lovebugs live on!

These guys are nasty and present late August through September annually. Localized lovebug flights extend for periods of five to six weeks. Mating takes place immediately so both the female and male must stick together. The mating takes place in about an hour and they copulate midair. The male lovebug dies after mating, but the female must carry him around until she lays her eggs-about 3 days. Each female may lay about 350 eggs. Females live 3-4 days while males (if not mating) live longer.

Although lovebugs don’t bite or sting, they are a nuisance dying on our windshield, the radiator, and car hoods as we drive at a high rate of speed. When left on your vehicle for over a day the acidity of the dead lovebug may become etched in your chrome or paint of the vehicle. Lovebugs are attracted to light colored surfaces including asphalt, painted walls and car fumes.

Dry weather will dry out the unhatched lovebugs creating a high mortality rate. Ditches and swampy areas are some of their favorite places. The faster the bugs are removed from your vehicle, the better for your vehicle!

So how do you get rid of the pesky bugs? 

  • Mix warm water in a spray bottle with orange or lemon dish soap. Add a little splash of mouthwash and shake well. Spray on plants, walls, outdoor furniture, and other area use see them congregating. The bugs will stay away.
  • Suck them up with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Keep your lawn mowed to prevent the larvae nesting in the thatch of the dead organic matter of the grass.
  • Use mosquito repellant candles outside

Prevent them on your vehicle

  • Add cooking spray to your side and front mirrors before you drive. Hose off when you get back home.
  • Wax your car to prevent the bugs from adhering.


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