It’s that time of year!

The family is coming!

Get ready by cleaning and preparing your home before they get there so you can enjoy your visit…stress-free. And it won’t require anything that you can’t manage if you start preparing now.



This is the first thing anyone coming into your home sees. Do you have stacks where everyone leaves their belongings? Get your family in sync now by moving the items to appropriate storage areas; not on the floor or in the corner of room. Check out this past article for additional tips.

Guest Rooms

Leave the wi-fi code on a slip of paper by the night stand. It will make a huge impression for your guests to stay “plugged” into their friends, work, and other happenings. A small clock and tv are extra touches that enhance the experience.


Everyone opens the refrigerator at some time if they are staying with you. Throw out items that have been in there over a few days. Wipe down exterior, interior, and take out all drawers for a thorough cleaning. If you do this now, it should be easy to maintain through the holiday season. For complete refrigeration cleaning review the article.


It is so easy to spill food when cooking in the microwave. It is also very noticeable when splatters remain. Wipe down with a wet cloth or add a solution of lemon/water to clean those spills.

Guest Bathrooms

How many people are staying at your home? Perhaps you need to consider preparing all the bathrooms for showering and multi-use options. Pick up a few toiletries in sample sizes from your local CVS or Walgreens to have displayed in the bathroom. Natural scents can be enhanced adding items around your home. Add fresh towels and toilet paper daily.

Guest Closet

Does this closet hold everything you want to hide? Are the items in the closet used frequently? Give them away, put in the attic in labeled containers, or throw them away! Add extra hangers, an ironing board, and iron in the guest closet as an extra perk. Think hotel closet.

Coffee Machine

When was the last time you cleaned your coffee pot? It flows better with a rinse through of vinegar. Run it through twice instead of water to eliminate iron deposits. Wipe down the spills from the surface of the container. Read more

Outside Appearance

Does your door have a welcoming wreath? Look at the lawn and plants. Do they need a little trimming? Is there mold on your front door? Add a festive welcome banner that ushers your guests to the front door. Handy checklist listed here.

Before the guests arrive check their dietary restrictions. You got this. You are ready!

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