Happy chaos is a way to define the After Holidays clean up. You create memories that last a lifetime, but now is the time to move forward with organizing and downsizing.


How much of your Christmas décor did you use? Are there bins that you just keep hanging onto every year without using the contents? Save the decorative pieces that bring back memories and ditch the items that you don’t use. Donate or throw away as appropriate. Do you have items that you just dislike and yet you keep hanging onto every year?

Maybe it’s time to share the ornaments you have of your children from elementary school with their families. Simplicity will reduce your aggravation every year, give you more quality time, and restore the Christmas cheer when it comes to putting up or taking down the décor.

Placement of Gifts

Find a permanent place for every item you or your family received for Christmas. Clothing needs to be hung, toys need to be shelved or stored in containers, and items for your home need to be put to use. Everytime you get new clothes, go through your dresser or closet of items you no longer wear. We tend to collect clothing we never wear anymore.

Do you have a re-gifting closet or space in your home? This is only for items that have never been used. If you receive wine and you don’t drink, add this to the re-gifting area. Always add the person’s name on a Christmas tag so you know who gave it to you. Never re-gift to someone in the same circle as the one you presented you with the gift.

Label Containers

Are you labeling your storage containers before you put them away for another year? Label the outside with information like “kitchen” or “tree”. Label Christmas outdoor décor, bathroom, and even cold weather clothing. After the Christmas décor is up, work on labeling your cooking and baking ingredients in your pantry. Flour, brown sugar, Christmas candies, paper plates/napkins, all of the items you seldom use but then look everywhere for it and end up purchasing more in frustration.

When it’s all packed away give us a call. At We Clean 4 You we want to help you enjoy more quality time with your family-not cleaning! Happy New Year!


Need assistance? Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment convenient for you.


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