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Caring for your Stainless-Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances look so shiny and pretty when your first get them, or right after the maid has been to your house. But soon they lose that shiny luster with fingerprints, water, spills from food, and just a busy kitchen. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. Everyone eating all [...]

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How to Choose Maid Service

Your home is your largest investment and regardless of keeping forever or re-selling the home, you must clean and maintain the appearance for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the value of your investment. Although we can all probably clean our home it takes a lot of time away from doing things we enjoy, including [...]

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Is Your Home Ready For Guest

It is Christmas Time! Exciting, fun, and often a little overwhelming. If you take your home preparations a step at a time it is easier to handle. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! What do guests see first when they drive up to your home? Do you have a welcoming wreath on the [...]

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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions Family meals with extended family over the holidays are a large part of our memories. Sharing conversations with people you may have not seen since last Christmas or Easter happen during this time.  What are some of the foods you traditionally serve on Christmas? Turkey and ham are huge favorites at our home, [...]

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Communication is Key!

Communication is Key! There are so many ways to communicate your services and products to the interested targeted audience. Social media, websites, mail, billboards, texting, email, and even the phone! With so many options many businesses do a little of everything to attract the attention of would-be clients or customers. A determining factor to your [...]

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The Maids Speak Out- Part 2

Believe in your team!   Nothing will motivate your staff more than acknowledging their performance, engaging their intellect, and empowering them to find the best way to do a better job with the tools you provide as an employer.     We believe in our maids and many of them have been with us for years [...]

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Believe in Your Team for Passionate Performance!

At We Clean 4 You we have learned that nothing is as important as our assets, our maids! The key to success is embracing your employees and empowering them to do their best job with the training and knowledge provided to them by the employer. We are only as good as the education we pass [...]

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October Scents

Several places in your home can harbor odors- wet clothing, pets, the kitchen garbage, the dishwasher, and the washing machine. What can you do to add pleasing scents in the home and eliminate odors due to pets, cooking, or water leakage? Damp towels cause a horrible musty smell that is actually bacteria growth-yuk! Always hang [...]

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Fall is on its way!

We know Fall is coming although we don’t feel it yet. Friday Night Lights, Saturday College Games, Sunday NFL, and who can forget Monday Night Football? The stores have removed the Back-to-School items and replaced the shelves with Fall and Halloween décor. And the love-bugs are back! Fall is a time of transition from summer [...]

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Scheduling time for Family

School is in session. Labor Day is approaching. How are the first couple of weeks going? Scheduling is an important part of staying on task during the busy week juggling school, work, kid’s activities, meetings, and church or community involvement. Kids aren’t the only ones that need to be on a sleep schedule. The later [...]

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