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Restoring Order after Christmas

Everything seems so simple and tidy after you get the Christmas tree down and the decorations put away until next year. But wait! There are still pine needles under the couch! Before you move the furniture back to the original position, really vacuum all around the area. Holiday linens need a thorough washing and pre-treating [...]

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Having the best year ever!

It’s the close of the year. Everyone starts preparing to say goodbye to the year and move on to better times, expanded hopes, and new goals for the incoming year. Lose weight, make more money, develop a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with family, and share your generosity with others in the community through good [...]

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We Organize 4 You

Consumers tend to collect and accumulate more and more things all the time. This has created a new Industry focused on Professional Organizing. Professional Organizers assist with the decision-making process of sorting and discarding extra items we don’t use, don’t want, and will not need in the future. We Clean 4 You has supplemented our [...]

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Do you need a surge protector?

Christmas is a time we have many electrical devices- tree lights, inside décor, outside lights, outside décor, and cooking appliances. We probably use more electrical outlets in December than any other time. The possible cooler temperatures may add a space heater too. Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect all your electrical devices in [...]

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Clean Carpet-Healthy Family!

Every time you walk inside your home with your shoes on you let off a little remnant of where you have walked. You have probably walked into public restrooms while at work with is a cesspool of bacteria. Consequently, your carpet may have debris, bacteria, E coli, grime, dog hair, or other contaminants wedged into [...]

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Tile

Tile is very pretty in the kitchen, bathroom, and throughout the house. Grout that holds the tile together needs to be maintained consistently since particles of dirt, food, and other small specks can be absorbed into the grout. We maintain our floors by mopping, sweeping, and cleaning overall. Grout needs to be cleaned periodically to [...]

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Our maids are family!

What would we do without our maids? Well, we wouldn’t have a business! Our maids aren’t just staff, we care about our maids as family. We look for similar traits in our maids-respect, positive attitude, cooperation, punctuality, leadership, and a genuine concern for others.  All these traits are necessary before we allow them in anyone’s [...]

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Who is servicing your home?

When you have an issue in your home and need to allow entry to your most personal private space how do you know what you’re getting? Safety is a priority, but do you know if they are credible? If you are doing extensive repair work or renovations that will take continuous entry to your home, [...]

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Cleaning The Clutter

Fall is such a great time of year with cooler weather, festivals, and an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the weather. As we all know, time goes by quickly in these last few months of the year. September is a time of renewal and preparing for the holidays to come. We all have those [...]

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September Changes

School has started! Exciting time for your kids to meet their teachers, get an idea of expectations for the school year, plan your calendar, and maybe there is a sense of both delight and melancholy with the parents. Kids are getting older, and yet you are glad they are getting more independent. What is up [...]

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