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Dust Bunnies and Dust Mites

Time to wash winter away and prepare for Easter, Graduation, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day entertaining. As you open the windows and clean off the porches you will see remnants of the winter lurking around. This is a great time to rid your home of the lurking toxins that have been infiltrating your home throughout [...]

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Reviews on Social Media

Reviews are critical to our business. Nothing is more important to a small business than having positive feedback. When an issue arises, and customers are unhappy, corrections are made immediately to their satisfaction. To date we have 78 reviews on Facebook with a 4.9 rating and 47 reviews on Google with a 4.6 rating. We [...]

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Pollen Take Over

From cold weather to green pollen everywhere! Pollen is suddenly everywhere! We go from the 20’s to the 60’s and then we see green dust sprinkled everywhere outside including porches, vehicles, and even our dogs’ feet! Once it’s on their feet you know it coming inside the home. With pollen season comes the allergies! This [...]

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Common Questions about Maid Service

If you have never had a maid in the past you may have a few questions. We hope to alleviate your fears and provide answers to you. We are here for you and to make you completely satisfied with our work. Trust is a very real concern. All the maids are bonded, insured, and must [...]

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Reviews Matter

We come into your home based on a trusted relationship, a referral, or a positive review you read. This is what motivates us to work above and beyond what is expected on any project. It is hard manual work and if we pride ourselves on quality work. We train our maids to work at a [...]

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Time to Purge

We collect many things that we think we will use later. Clothing, receipts, books, coupons, pay stubs, utility bills, toys, medicine, bank statements, and even cleaning products! Since January is a slower month with cold days that often keep us inside, what a great time to ORGANIZE our STUFF! Did you know that you only [...]

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Restoring Order after Christmas

Everything seems so simple and tidy after you get the Christmas tree down and the decorations put away until next year. But wait! There are still pine needles under the couch! Before you move the furniture back to the original position, really vacuum all around the area. Holiday linens need a thorough washing and pre-treating [...]

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Having the best year ever!

It’s the close of the year. Everyone starts preparing to say goodbye to the year and move on to better times, expanded hopes, and new goals for the incoming year. Lose weight, make more money, develop a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with family, and share your generosity with others in the community through good [...]

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We Organize 4 You

Consumers tend to collect and accumulate more and more things all the time. This has created a new Industry focused on Professional Organizing. Professional Organizers assist with the decision-making process of sorting and discarding extra items we don’t use, don’t want, and will not need in the future. We Clean 4 You has supplemented our [...]

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Do you need a surge protector?

Christmas is a time we have many electrical devices- tree lights, inside décor, outside lights, outside décor, and cooking appliances. We probably use more electrical outlets in December than any other time. The possible cooler temperatures may add a space heater too. Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect all your electrical devices in [...]

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