Everyone has been at home for a period as mandated by the federal, state, and local government. Now that families are venturing out and businesses are opening, it is recommended that your home have a Deep Clean. A clean and sanitized home will help your family to stay healthy. Our Deep Cleaning Service will ensure that every nook, cranny, and detail in your home is perfectly cleaned and sanitized.

Even the cleanest home can collect germs in places you would least suspect with the most used rooms-bathroom and kitchen collecting the most germs than any other rooms.  During a Deep Clean We Clean 4 You will send out 2 maids to increase efficiency and save time. The maids will spend most of the time in the kitchen and bathroom cleaning and sanitizing the 21-touch point surfaces using CDC approved products to maintain the health and well-being of your family.

In the kitchen and clean the range hood, the drip pans on the range, wipe down every appliance. All cabinets are hand wiped, floors are mopped, and if requested, the oven and refrigerator may be cleaned. Refrigerators should be wiped down and every shelf disinfected monthly to reduce bacteria growth.

As they move towards the living room cleaning left to right, top to bottom- every door, door frame, windowsill, baseboard, and blind is hand wiped. Every décor item is picked up and hand cleaned. The maid then moves to the furniture and baseboards to hand wipe. All furniture, carpet, and rugs are vacuumed, even underneath the surfaces.

The bathroom is an area that collects a lot of bacteria due to the warm and damp conditions. Every high touch surface on the toilet, faucets, bathroom doorknobs, and the sink are disinfected with CDC approved products. Showers, bathtubs, and countertops are wiped down to reduce the spread of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that may have collected over the quarantine. Every windowsill, door frame, and cabinet are hand wiped with care. The shower doors, tiles and grout will be immaculately scrubbed down to eliminate all scum and hard water deposits. Faucets, sinks, toilets, and drains will be sparkling clean the next time you see them! When that is finished the bathroom, floor is mopped clean.

At We Clean 4 You every Deep Clean includes Basic Cleaning Services.

Stay safe and healthy in your home with We Clean 4 You!

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