If you have never had your home professionally cleaned, you may wonder why you should do it now. Cleaning services vary in pricing, services rendered, geographical area serviced, and above all, business ethics. The biggest question is always “how much will it cost?”

Professional cleaning technicians are a lot less expensive than you would think. The average cost for a 2,000 square foot house is approximately $150. This is a rough estimate dependent on size of house, areas to clean, if you own pets, and how much time the technicians need to spend at your home to offer quality service. The recommended schedule is bi-weekly with a deep cleaning as the seasons change.

The best two reasons to have your home professionally cleaned is to maintain a healthy, sanitary home for your family and to offer more quality time to spend with them. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is how important it is to disinfect the home from germs we bring in from outside activities at work, school, daycare, or mingling with other people in the community. A professionally cleaned home reduces stress.

Professional residential cleaners are trained to know what they are doing, bring the supplies to get it done, and will check every nook and cranny in detail to ensure all areas are clean. Trusted maid services are consistent with the method your home is cleaned every time. Top to bottom, left to right, in every room of your home with attention to detail.

Deep cleaning of every surface in your home is the way to start the service with a follow up basic clean 2 weeks after the initial cleaning.

Our cleaning technicians at We Clean 4 You never come into your home until they are thoroughly trained by one of our experienced professionals. They are paid well, they genuinely care about their work, and take pride in their profession. If anything is ever missed it will be corrected within 24 hours.

There is nothing like coming into a newly cleaned spotless home after you have been busy all day. It just feels good to have a home look and smell fresh. Expecting guests? No problem! Your house is already spotless and just needs to have a few touchups with regularly scheduled maid service.

We Clean 4 You is a local business established in 2013 in The Woodlands with a 4.8 overall ranking in 80 reviews. Community engagement, mutual respect, and kindness towards others keeps us cleaning homes throughout the county.

Your home is your investment. Keep your home well maintained and clean for your most important asset- your family!

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