Our cleaning technicians are the best in the community. Yes, we are bragging, and we truly mean it. We guarantee a quality clean from everyone on our staff when they are in someone else’s home. All staff adhere to strict certification qualifications, a specific training program with written reviews and they use standardized equipment and cleaning products specific to We Clean 4 You.

We only hire respectful, cooperative individuals with a positive attitude. These are traits you cannot train. Punctuality, leadership, and a genuine concern for others is necessary before we allow them in anyone’s home. Each potential hire is background checked, references are validated with work experience, and we ensure every new hire learns the proper way to clean homes effectively and efficiently utilizing the Perfect Maintenance Housecleaning procedure.

Perfect Maintenance Housecleaning is a procedure adopted by Jeff Campbell and Debbie Sardone to clean homes quickly and efficiently in the same consistent manner from left to right, top to bottom and never miss anything in the home. No area of the home is skipped because every home is cleaned the exact same way every time. All equipment is carried on the tech in a tool carrying apron to make every step count. All tools are kept in the same spot in the apron every time- efficiency and time saving.

But just like missing a spot on the carpet, we want our customers to be completely satisfied. When a tech is hired as a trainee and works a full week with a seasoned trainer, she could fail the program if the trainer suspects a deficiency in her ability to follow directions, poor attitude, tardiness, and a general lack of integrity or ability to make decisions in the best interest of the homeowner. Our tracking system is coordinated with an area map informing us when a cleaning staff arrives at your home, when they leave, and where other cleaning staff are in the local area to offer help to complete the job in a timely manner.

Cutting corners to move quickly to the next client, inconsistent guidelines, and inadequate customer service is not tolerated. Techs must adhere to policies or be terminated. We do follow-ups with all our customers for their complete satisfaction. If something is not right, we go back and correct it immediately. Nothing is more important to us than TRUST and INTEGRITY.

Cleaning staff are paid well above the normal salary of other similar cleaning services, so they can provide for their families. They must be enthusiastic every day, display a strong ethic for doing the right thing, and be able to converse in beautifully communicated English.

We sell TRUST, not just cleaning. We trust our staff and treat them as our most valuable resource because they are! Our success and continually growing business is a team success and why We Clean 4 You!

Do you want to be part of our growing team of dedicated professionals? Send us an email at [email protected]

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