As of January 2017 We Clean 4 You has upgraded many of their hiring and training processes. If we want to offer the BEST maid service to the community it is important that all are maids adhere to strict certification qualifications, a specific training program with written reviews and they must use standardized equipment and cleaning products specific to We Clean 4 You.

Perfect Maintenance Housecleaning

Perfect Maintenance Housecleaning is a procedure adopted by Jeff Campbell and Debbie Sardone to clean homes quickly and efficiently in the same consistent manner from left to right, top to bottom and never miss anything in the home. No area of the home is skipped because every home is cleaned the exact same way every time. All equipment is carried on the maid in a tool carrying apron to make every step count. All tools are kept in the same spot in the apron every time- efficiency and time saving.


Compliance with Guidelines

All maids must sign a strict policy about tardy and attendance guidelines. They cannot exceed an acceptable number of complaints per month, and not violate any strict company policies. In addition, all maids sign a waiver agreeing to be a team player, to be in top physical/mental condition when taking on a job, and to perform all cleaning with honesty and integrity.


Cutting corners to move quickly to the next client, inconsistent guidelines, and inadequate customer service is not tolerated. Maids must adhere to policies or be terminated.


Pass/Fail Training

Each new maid is assigned a trainer at the start of the week to learn the We Clean 4 You Perfect Maintenance Housecleaning Procedures, how to clean each item EXACTLY the same way every time (toilets, sinks, ovens), how to carry tools efficiently, and how to use the cleaning products. Cleaning products are proven solutions distributed to the maids to maintain consistency. Product containers, tools, and equipment are checked out and replenished at the office to show accountability.


At the end of each day, the trainee is given a written review ranked A-F. The trainer ranks the trainee maid 8 factors.

  • Attitude
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Punctuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Cooperation
  • Job Knowledge


The maid must pass successfully with an “A” or “B” on each day to move forward and have the ability to work on her own servicing homes for We Clean 4 You.

We care about our clients and our maids. All maids are paid well above standard pay. At We Clean 4 You, all of our maids receive clean background checks, are bonded, insured, and dependable. They will do the cleaning you request according to our guidelines, products, and your specific needs. EVERYTIME. We do follow-ups with all our customers to insure their complete satisfaction. If something is not right, we go back and correct it immediately. Regular clients may opt to receive a notification the day before service as a reminder that we will be cleaning their home the next day. We also have an elaborate tracking system with an area map that informs our office when a maid gets to your home, when they leave, and where additional maids are in the local area to offer assistance if needed. Nothing is more important to us that TRUST and INTEGRITY.

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