Be careful who you allow in the home!

There are a lot of people and services that you must allow in your home for residential services. Air conditioning and heating, appliance repair, roofers, carpet cleaning, painters, re-model contractors, internet/cable service provides, plumbers, and maid services. But would you let any of these people in your home without trusting them?

Customer Reviews
Do your homework before hiring anyone to come to your home, especially if you will not be there. Can you get a personal reference from your friends? Social media is a great place to start. Post a question on your personal Facebook page asking for referrals. Most businesses have a Facebook presence and there is a section for Reviews. You may know someone that posted one of these reviews. The more reviews on their page, the more impact they are making in the community.

There are other customer review sites worth checking into also. Google Reviews, Angie’s List, Yahoo, and Bing all have customer reviews both good and bad. The service provider should review these sites continually and offer a feedback response if they are genuinely in tune with customer satisfaction.

Behind the Scenes
Any reputable home service provider will do background checks on all staff before hiring. Are they bonded and insured? All of these answers should be on their webpage. No webpage? Do you really want to do business with someone that doesn’t invest money in their own business to have an updated webpage?

Is the business local and do they belong to the Chamber of Commerce in your area? The Chambers can give you a list of recommended service provides in your area. If the member is highly thought of by their organization, they will freely share this with you. Many chamber members routinely use the same people for their own in home cleaning, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. You can generally get a lot of information through using the Chambers.

Do you have an at home service provider that you are currently using for air conditioning repair? Call and get their recommendation for maid service. Trust is so very important.

Using a Maid
Are you in the market for a new maid service? Allowing a cleaning service into your home is like inviting a stranger to wander through your personal life. A lot of times you will not be home, or in the same room if you are at home when the housecleaning takes place. There is still more you can do to insure your peace of mind. Have you called the maid service and spoken to the owner personally? Did you receive an immediate response? How do they track their maids? Cleaning your home efficiently whether it is one time move/in, move/out, for a special occasion, or a monthly service-it’s important to receive satisfaction, but the most important item is TRUST.

At We Clean 4 You, all of our maids receive clean background checks, are bonded, insured, and dependable. We do follow-ups with all our customers to insure their complete satisfaction. If something is not right, we go back and correct it immediately. Regular clients may opt to receive a notification the day before service as a reminder that we will be cleaning their home the next day. We also have an elaborate tracking system with an area map that informs our office when a maid gets to your home, when they leave, and where additional maids are in the local area to offer assistance if needed. Nothing is more important to us that TRUST.

So what does it take to allow a stranger into your home? What do you look for when hiring a maid? We depend on customer reviews, referrals and word of mouth to grow our business, increase customer satisfaction, and provide the best residential maid service in Montgomery County!


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