Summer with the Kids at Home!

Yeah, summertime! Schedules are a little more lenient, excitement in the air, and quite often a messier home. What can you do to keep some sort of maintenance and order to the relaxed household? Put some guidelines in place before Day 1 starts. That probably means now before school gets out.

Rules of Order
Do 2 things every day.
Make your bed. Straighten up your room before the end of the day. Everyday.

Get out.
Spend time outside. Go to the neighborhood pool. Read a book. Ride a bike. Attend community events. Volunteer in Community. Get involved.

Eat outside.
Keep crumbs and food items outside. Get a picnic table. Throw a blanket down and make it a family activity.

In/out with toys
Every item taken out of room, goes back before another item can be brought out.

Kids Clean Too
Give the kids a chore to do with you. Let them help with a small task in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.
Alternate chores to keep interest up.

Be inclusive.
Everyone participates. All guidelines followed every day. Everyone or it will fall apart.

Take on a Project
This might be a good time to get kids involved in one simple project a week or a month. Do you have clutter in a closet or a bedroom? Maybe a garage? Make the organization a family project. Tips for de-cluttering and organizing are available here.

When was the last time you checked your home for safety hazards? Have you checked the batteries on your smoke alarms recently? Are they in every room of your home? Are your outlets covered if you have small children in the home? Do you have an evacuation plan in place? It is hurricane season also. Review these tips.

Alternative Ideas to Keep it Clean
Do the kids take off their shoes when they come in the house from playing outside? Do you try to throw a load of clothes in the wash daily? Try to do a quick inspection of the home every evening with an “assistant”. Designate one child to be the lead assistant weekly or daily to walk through and point out possible quick fixes before bed. It could be a competitive challenge between kids with a small reward for passing inspection! Some suggestions for quick cleans are great way to start.

Have a great summer!


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