There are so many things we just throw away because it is easier. But did you know there are uses for coffee grounds, foil, dryer sheets, old socks, and even straws? Why not try some of these ideas if you have them around the house anyway?

Coffee Grounds
I don’t know about you, but I drink my coffee every morning until the pot is empty. The grounds generally get thrown away the next time I make a pot, which is usually the next morning. But what if the grounds were used for things we use (or could) around the home?

  • Compost- Nitrogen will help decompose your compost pile
  • Exfoliate-great scrub to tighten pores on face
  • Scrub pots
  • Get rid of worms, slugs, and snails
  • Keeping the weeds and ants away
  • Expands the life of cut flowers if used in flower vase
  • Odor eater for refrigerator and garlic/onion cutting on hands
  • Rid roaches by lining in bottom of jar and adding sticky tape to mouth
  • After bathing dogs, add 2 cups of grounds into fur to eliminate fleas. Rinse out of course!
  • Meat marinade/tenderizer
  • Acne fighter-mix with milk to make a paste

Tin Foil
Before you throw that wad of aluminum foil away consider using it to do a few simple things:

  • Clean Silver- line baking pan with foil, fill with water, and add 2 tsp. of salt. Let silver soak.
  • Maintain a steel wool pad-wrap in foil and toss in freezer to keep from rusting after use
  • Sharpen scissors by folding strips into layers and cutting
  • Clean jewelry-line bowl with foil, fill with hot water, add 1T of bleach free laundry detergent
  • Clean iron (do you use one?) by running iron over a piece of foil
  • Scrub burnt food from BBQ grill
  • Lure a fish with foil wrapped around fish hook
  • Use as a funnel for oil change

Bet you didn’t know most of these fun things!

Dryer Sheets
My family goes through these sheets a handful at a time. Did you know you can re-use them for dusting, cleaning, and sucking pet hair off furniture? Some uses are listed below:

  • Cleaning dust off televisions, blinds, ceiling fans
  • Removing pet hair from furniture, clothing, rugs
  • Wiping down pets after wet-fresh smell!
  • Buff chrome
  • Clean pots/pans
  • Freshen stinky shoes-tuck in shoes
  • Deep clean toilets
  • Remove smudges from glass
  • Remove soap scum from shower doors

These are just a few ideas of things to try and see what works for you. And in case you thought I forgot-old socks can be tied up and used instead of bubble wrap in packages, dusting, or bean bag toss for kids. Straws are great for plant stems to keep them strong, store necklaces in them to keep from tangling, and inserting in catsup to increase the flow.

I’ll bet you think of us next time you get ready to throw those coffee grounds away. Enjoy your coffee!

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