Homes are selling FAST right now with interest rates at the lowest they have ever been in history. We want to make the process of leaving your home or purchasing a new home less frantic so you can focus on the important details.

Moving into a new home regardless of whether it is your dream home that you cannot wait to be forever in, downsizing, or purchasing for the first time as a new homeowner-it is a very stressful time. Packing up your belongings and then cleaning up the home for the next person is time consuming too. You also want you new home to be clean and ready to move into as soon as possible.

What is the one thing you can never take back? Your precious time is important as you juggle the process of moving, buying, selling, and setting up utilities. We have discovered that families with a clean, organized home are better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them. A clean home is a happy home. At We Clean 4 You we can lessen the burden and take care of two things on your list- Moving-Out Cleaning and Moving-In Cleaning so you can be ready to start making new memories.

Each home gets a complete detailed cleaning in the bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining areas. It is essentially a deep clean with added attention given to tile grout, shower doors, soap scum and hard water deposits in the bathroom. The oven, stovetop, and range hood will be wiped down thoroughly. The oven may be cleaned upon request. All blinds and baseboards in the home will be hand wiped. Every floor will be vacuumed, or hand mopped in every room. Refrigerator may be cleaned by request, also. Our cleaning technicians clean doorknobs, switch plates, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and leave a new home smell behind. Disinfectant and Clean!

Our service is guaranteed to be complete to your satisfaction every single time. And you can concentrate on making sure you do not leave anything precious behind!

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves in being a community based small business that can adapt to your family’s needs. When you schedule a move-in or a move-out cleaning, you will be provided a form to specify specific items to clean. Every service will receive a follow up contact. If something is not done correctly, a maid will be out immediately to make it right, our guarantee! Our tracking system tells us where a maid is at any time, how long they are at your home, and when they leave.

Give us a call at (832) 928-1690 to schedule the cleaning of your old home and prepare the new home for your family. You can also submit a request online

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