Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you’re leaving a cherished home filled with memories or creating new memories in a new home, We Clean 4 You will be there to ensure that you not only leave your old home in pristine condition but that you move into your new home with a clean slate.

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Our deep cleaning includes scrubbing tile grout, shower doors are given extra attention, doors and door frames are hand wiped, knickknacks individually cleaned, cabinets fronts are hand wiped as well as baseboards and window sills.  We give your floors extra attention, faucets, sinks and drains thoroughly cleaned, and we give a diligent attempt to remove soap scum & hard water deposits.

Kitchen & Dinning Areas

In your kitchen we clean the inside of your range hood, drip pans or glass top surfaces, doors and door frames are hand wiped, appliances cleaned and shined, knickknack areas cleaned, fronts of cabinets wiped, and baseboards and window sills hand wiped.  We continue by giving your floors a little extra attention, window blinds are hand wiped, all kitchen furniture hand wiped, and if you request we also will clean your oven, inside of your refrigerator, and inside windows.

Sleeping and Living Areas

In your sleeping and living areas, we hand wipe all flat services, doors and door frames are spot cleaned, cobwebs removed, dust picture frames, ceiling fans, lamp shades, knickknack areas, window sills, ledges, and blinds.  We will vacuum wood floors and damp mop, those readily accessible floors & stairs are vacuumed, empty closet floors vacuumed, and general dusting includes baseboards.