Biggest Challenge in a Business?


Our business is a service oriented organization. What that means is that our biggest resource is our people. Without our “staff” we have no business. Do we treat the staff as if they are our most valuable resource? We do our best every day to check in with our staff, follow up on concerns, and keep positive communication. Our success is directly related to our ability to have qualified staff that are trustworthy.

Training and Retention

Low turnover is directly related to people being happy with their environment and it’s not all about the benefits. Do they know what your expectations are for the job they are performing? We like to have 2 people work together on a job to get direct one on one training with an experienced peer. They are more open to communicate with a peer and learn the job faster.

Attitude is equally important. If they don’t know the job but are willing to learn with a can do attitude-we want them on our team. Our product is highly dependent upon our employees’ ability to give the ultimate customer service and maid service. We exist off of positive referrals, networking, social media, and community engagement. Because we go into other people’s homes, TRUST is the main ingredient. We believe in our staff and know they are the best in the area for cleaning homes.

The training and development is ongoing. If someone has a new idea-like taking pictures of the placement of items in homes before moving them to clean, we try out the idea and if it works, we implement it. It goes a long way to keeping motivation and morale up. And we love that our employees are involved in better ways to do business.

Benefits of Our Team

Pay is critical to keeping staff, but not the most important ingredient. If the pay is not competitive people will leave, but it is more about the working environment and if they ENJOY what they are doing. Our maids are compensated well over industry standards and do a job that justifies the salary. We are confident in their ability to exceed any and all expectations of clients. Our confidence in them keeps turnover low.

We have fun get-togethers for pool time, BBQ, door prizes, and to select the Maid of the Month. This recognizes the maid that stands out among the rest. At We Clean 4 You our social media is just that-social! We share the pictures of the maids, our involvement in the community, special DIY ideas for cleaning and organizing, and humor. Where would we be without humor?

What does our staff say?
“Jeff and Lucille have been some of the kindest employers I have worked with in many years. I have always been treated with respect and patience. I love recommending friends to work for them because I know they will be treated well.”

“I love working for this company. Jeff and Lucille give us the tools and resources to be successful everyday. They have changed my life for the better.”

Caring Breeds Profits

Treating your staff as skilled professionals with dignity and value will keep your most valuable resource intact-your employees. We are sincerely grateful for the hard working women on our team. Without them we would be just another cleaning service. “Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great”.

We sell TRUST, not just cleaning. We trust our maids and treat them as our most valuable resource because they are! Our success and continually growing business is a team success and why We Clean 4 You!


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