We collect many things that we think we will use later. Clothing, receipts, books, coupons, pay stubs, utility bills, toys, medicine, bank statements, and even cleaning products! Since January is a slower month with cold days that often keep us inside, what a great time to ORGANIZE our STUFF!

Did you know that you only need to keep bank statements and deposit slips for 1 month? Once you reconcile your statement you are done.

Clothing we haven’t worn is often difficult to get rid of for sentimental reasons. We remember when we bought it, why we bought it, and sometimes we wish we could still wear it. Do you have shoes that are outdated, clothes that don’t fit, mismatched socks, torn clothing, and clothes you haven’t worn at all last year? Get rid of it!

Things to purge in January

  • expired medicine
  • ratty towels
  • retired cell phones
  • expired chemicals
  • cleaning products you won’t use
  • old bank statements
  • plastic containers without lids (Tupperware)
  • old cookbooks-do you use those still?
  • food in pantry over a year old
  • old food in refrigerator
  • pens
  • unused business cards given to you
  • broken equipment/tech devices/tools

Too much to do and not enough time? We Clean 4 You has supplemented our Residential Cleaning business to include a Professional Organizer to our staff. Experienced in both home and office organizing, our organizer can sort through attics, garages, storage areas, closets, or anywhere you accumulate extra items. Learning to live simple and maintain the organization process is part of the service.

Items we collect is a sensitive issue and a Professional Organizer listens and learns about your needs before a project is implemented.

At We Clean 4 You, we want to make your life easier so you can enjoy more quality time with your family.

We Organize 4 You can help Declutter-Downsize-DeStress your life! Email Leah@WeOrganize4You.com or additional information or call the office at (832) 464-8009 or (936) 224-1781. Let’s purge together.



Happy New Year! Make it the best ever!

It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!