The holidays have come and gone, and now’s the time to start prepping for spring cleaning.  How well you’ve kept your home cleaned during the past few months will determine whether or not you are in need of a basic cleaning this spring or a deep cleaning.  Here at We Clean 4 You, we specialize in both types of cleaning, meaning you don’t have to fret about cleaning your home yourself.  If, however, you do find yourself in a cleaning mood, keep in mind that a little elbow grease will go a long way in a short amount of time.

Red Wine Stains

A get-together over the holidays is never complete until at least one person spills a glass of wine on your carpet.  And although you probably meant to clean up the stain as soon as it happened, if you didn’t, there’s no need to fret.  Simply make your own cleaning mixture out of half-peroxide and half-dish soap.  Spray the stain with the cleaning solution and then use about one to two minutes of elbow grease to rub the stain out using a clean that matches the color of your carpet or rug.  Make sure your cleaning mixture is half and half to ensure it doesn’t turn your carpet a different color.

Cleaning the Fireplace

There’s a good chance you’re still staying warm and cozy by the fireplace, but once the warm weather starts to settle back in, you’ll want to clean the area in and around it.  When removing ashes, throw wet coffee grinds on top of them; this will keep the ashes from flying everywhere.  And in regards to any soot stains, simply break out the elbow grease once more and use it with rubbing alcohol to rub off the stains on the walls or bricks around the fireplace.

Make Your Oven Look Brand New

If you have a newer oven, then it probably comes with a highly intelligent and effective cleaning cycle.  However, if you have an older model, you’ll have to put some elbow grease into cleaning your oven yourself.  All you need are:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Dish cloth
  • Water

Make a paste out of the baking soda and water and spread it over the entire interior of the oven (except for heating elements), and don’t fret if the paste starts to turn brown.  You’ll want the paste to sit for 12 hours. Then wipe the paste out with a damp wash cloth.  If you notice any paste that is stuck to the oven, spray it with a little vinegar and wipe again.  The best thing about this oven-cleaning remedy is that it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals.

The Takeaway

By following these three tips – all of which require less than 30 minutes each of elbow grease – your home will receive an instant facelift that makes it look much better until a deeper cleaning can be performed.

*Image Courtesy of bark

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