The “Dog Days of Summer” traditionally are the hottest days of the year when the humid weather hits us. In Texas, the Dog Days are generally in August and September when we have triple digit temps with increased uncomfortable humidity. The term comes from ancient Greece when dogs would be driven mad by the extreme heat. Hopefully none of us will go mad waiting for the Fall!

As we patiently wait for the cool breeze of Fall in the next 2 months, there are things we can do to alleviate the heat in our home and reduce the energy bill.

  • Close the blinds
  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Avoid using the oven or stove
  • Add outdoor shade to exterior doors
  • Switch to no heat lightbulbs
  • Use ceiling fans indoors and outdoors
  • Consider using a portable AC unit cooling only rooms you are utilizing
  • Plant shade trees around your home
  • Change air filters monthly

Another way to stay cool at night is to change your bedding to cotton lightweight bed sheets with the ceiling fan on high.

Your dogs need attention too. Remember to check their water bowls daily and be careful not to leave them outside without shade for any extended time. Reduce the odor of your dogs in the home this summer by vacuuming and dusting weekly to reduce pet dander. Your dogs should be bathed weekly to keep their coats healthier and protect their skin from any infections. A regular cleaning will reduce pet odors and dander leading to allergies from your pet.

The Dog Days of Summer will be over soon, and we can start getting the pumpkins out for Fall. Call us before you decorate for Fall at (832) 479-9673

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