It is summer. Summer brings heat and bugs. The torrential rains in the Spring have brought more flies and mosquitos than we have seen in the past few summers. More than 11 inches of rain fell in our area without a tropical storm. That comes right after the epic storm we encountered in February.

The winter storm February 15 delayed the flies, mosquitos, and pesky termites from raising their heads, but they are now present everywhere.

Termites are on the rise infesting homes from the heavy rains. They thrive in wet climates and only need a thumbnail of wood to start making a home at your home. If you see any mounds of termites trying to make a colony, quickly fume them out with hairspray before they overpopulate and create havoc on your home. Do not delay calling the experts if suddenly you see more termites. The damage can be quite extensive if left untreated. Vinegar and water will not work!

Bugs are a continual nuisance in our homes and yards in the summer. Flies, roaches, mosquitos and in September the love bugs will be back. How irritating is it to hear the buzz of a fly or mosquito around your face especially in your home? Flies are the worse buzzing around the home daring you to try to stop them.

What can you do?

  • Seal Doors.
  • Have you verified that all your doors are sealed properly? Check for any gaps and consider adding a sturdy threshold under the door can prevent bugs from crawling in. Weather-stripping and clear caulking will help to seal cracks along sides or top of door.
  • Reduce food left out
  • Keep meals to table eating area as much as possible. All food should be covered and sealed tightly in your pantry. Wash away crumbs quickly. Do not leave pet food outside for over an hour of time. Roaches love food!
  • Vacuum once a week, clean up spills, keep magazine piles to a minimum, and keep up with dirty dishes. Roaches also love water and darkness. Empty trash regularly and fill dishwasher.
  • Reduce standing water.
  • Old tires, containers, potted plants, and grass clippings can retain water and will attract ants, termites, spiders, mosquitos, and fleas. This is not good for your pets either.
  • Remove any piles of collected leaves or debris that bugs love to hide in. Check for small gaps around the outside of your home where your cable comes into the home. Seal any openings with pipe sealant or caulk.
  • Boric acid can be used outside to treat bugs without harm to your pets.

Prevention and good house cleaning can reduce the bugs inside your home.