School has started!

Exciting time for your kids to meet their teachers, get an idea of expectations for the school year, plan your calendar, and maybe there is a sense of both delight and melancholy with the parents. Kids are getting older, and yet you are glad they are getting more independent.

What is up next?

Your kids will be tired the first few weeks until they adjust their sleep schedules. Early to rise and early to bed helps us to be “healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Parents too should abide by this through Thanksgiving vacation. Your children look at you to role model behavior patterns. Are you getting enough sleep? Enforce both weekday and weekend bedtimes. Avoid sugary snacks and caffeine before bedtime.

Don’t over-commit to so many extra-curricular activities. Pick one for each student that makes sense with their abilities, socialization, and time. Is it feasible with your schedule to get them to rehearsals, practices, or meetings? If they commit to being a part of an organization they need to see it through. Does it conflict with your prior commitments?

Afterschool sports, clubs, and even day care pick-ups are important to put on calendar. Start a family calendar and post big in kitchen or other family area. Designate who will be responsible for pick-up of children for activities. The visual will enhance commitment and accountability.

Is there a designated time and place for homework each day?  Use a timer to monitor the time spent on homework each day. Daily routine will become habit after a couple of weeks and will allow more time for the fun stuff.

Plan a time during dinner to share information with your child about their day. Plan a family weekend adventure at least once a month on the calendar. Fall is a great time to enjoy festivals as a family or day trips. Attend a college or high school football game as a family. Having the date on the calendar will secure the day as “family time”.

Although house cleaning is importance, (like maintenance on your car,) quality time with your family is the priority. We are here to make your life easier! So let us CLEAN 4 YOU!

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