What areas of your home are the hardest to keep clean in the summer with the kids at home? Does it seem never-ending?

Try laying out some ground rules.

  1. Take shoes off before entering house
  2. Make your bed everyday
  3. Pick up your clutter everyday and put in appropriate place

Run dishwasher every night. Have each person load their dishes after they are finished eating or delegate one person daily to load the dishwasher.

Get out of the house and enjoy something fun every day. Volunteer. Go to a pool. Pick up movies or books at the library. Get involved in community events. Conroe has a list of free events on their website. www.CityofConroe.org.  Additional family events can be found on www.WoodlandsOnline.com and www.PlayinConroe.com

Clean from the top down, left to right. Don’t wash floors and then clean countertops. Start with highest areas of cleaning and walk to right. Don’t retrace your steps. Be efficient.

Wash clothes one day each week. Most kids can wash their own clothes with a little instruction if they are 10 years and older. Each family member gets one day each week to wash.

Keep a set of wet wipes and cleanser in each bathroom and the kitchen. Availability encourages use!

Every other week have your scheduled maid come out to do touch ups. Don’t have a scheduled maid? Call us!

We have cleaning elves standing by to take your call. (832) 928-1690

Enjoy your summer and spend quality time with your family!

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