This has been a tough year for all of us. Nothing is predictable. But the best is yet to come! Cooler weather, pumpkins, and family traditions for the holidays. We hope the scare of the pandemic is over soon and life can return to cautious gatherings and events that we all crave. We are meant to live in community with others and not be in isolation.

Fall is when you start thinking about the Holidays, family, and preparing the home for guests. Of course, cooler weather would be deeply appreciated. September 22 is the official day of the Fall Equinox. The equinox occurs when the sun is halfway between both North and South Poles, bringing both equal amounts of daylight and night darkness. This only occurs twice a year in September and in March for the Spring Equinox. After the first day of Fall, the daylight will begin to be shorter.

Autumn has an air of sophistication. It is exciting to see the leaves fall from the trees and the orange, rust, brown colors used to decorate our home. Time to bring out simmer pot on your stove with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Open the windows and breathe the fresh air! Are your windows clean?

Fall is when homes really need a Top to Bottom Cleaning, especially after we have been inside for so very long. If you have not had your home cleaned professionally this is the first step of maintaining a home with regular bi-weekly cleanings. Starting out with a deep cleaning ensures that every nook, cranny, and detail in your home is perfectly cleaned to set a foundation for the basic cleaning. We Clean 4 You will send out 2 maids with each deep cleaning to be efficient and save time.

Schedule a deep clean before setting up all Fall decorations in the home. We Clean 4 You can get rid of all the dust and debris on windowsills, door frames, and baseboards. A deep clean means every surface is hand wiped, appliances are cleaned (oven + refrigerator by request), and every floor is mopped, vacuumed, and will appear as if no one has walked across them.

Even the blinds are hand wiped!

Prepare to be amazed before the jack-o’-lantern is on the porch! Our maids will make your home sparkle and shine. Once you start with our Maid Service, you will wonder why you waited so long! Read our reviews!

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