As you know storms can happen any time in our area and often without notice.

Have you made any preparations for your home and exterior living space including your trees and bushes close to your home in case of a severe storm or hurricane?

There are many steps to hurricane preparedness involving the outside of your home, a family plan, and an emergency supply list. The time to prepare and have a plan with family contacts and meetups in an emergency is now, before a disaster occurs and everyone panics.

Check the outside of your front and back yard for low hanging trees, branches that need to be trimmed back or shrubs that may be located next to a rain gutter or drainage area. If there is a surmountable amount of rain, the backup formed from a clogged drainage area could cause damage to your home.

Are all carports firmly attached to the ground? Doors and windows may have air coming through that need to be caulked if water could get inside the home.

Do you have a generator? Check to see that is still working adequately and there is fuel to keep it going. If you want to purchase a portable generator do it soon before a storm is in Gulf so you can take advantage of availability and pricing. Never plug a portable generator into a wall unit in your home. Doing this could trip the circuit breaker or fuse in your power panel or worse case, the wiring could become overloaded and start a fire in your home.

A family communication plan is essential for connecting with your loved ones during a disaster when they could be at anywhere besides home. One person outside the county should be designated as a contact person to let everyone in the household to reconnect when local phones are jammed during a disaster. Texting will get through faster to connect with others in a disaster area without using much battery power. Everyone should have the number to text the out of town contact person. Have a solar charger available for backing up your phone. You may also want to discuss a family meet-up destination away from home as part of your planning strategy. Your plan should include pets, the elderly, and medical needs of those in your household.

Pack an emergency kit that includes paper/plastic eating utensils and plates, 7 days of water for each member of the household (stores run out of this!), waterless hand cleaner, manual can opener, flashlight with batteries, blankets for each member of household, cash, plastic garbage bags, candles with a lighter, chlorine bleach, and extra pet food. Get a complete list on

When a storm is in your path remove all outdoor furniture, barbeque pits, décor pieces, and plants that may absorb the wind and projectile towards your home or a neighbor’s property. Register for now.

Shelter in place and do not go outside during a storm. Connect with the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management for road closures, updates, and recovery solutions after a storm.


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