June 1 through November 30 is known has the Hurricane Season. As you know storms can happen any time in our area and often without notice. Have you made any preparations for your home and exterior living space including your trees and bushes in case of a severe storm or hurricane? This year will be different from any other hurricane season since we are still limiting in person visits to stores.

It is better to be prepared than face damage to your home. By the looks of things, we may be headed towards an above average hurricane season. First a pandemic, then economic disaster, and tropical storm in the forecast, makes you want to prepare for a weather driven challenge.

We have seen hoarding and it is not pretty. It is still difficult to find bacteria wipes, liquid soap, and often toilet paper. Shop now for water (7 days for each member of home), batteries, nonperishable food, flashlights, and a “to-go” box for important documents. If you have pets get a little extra food for them now. Allow extra time for home delivery. Hand sanitizer and face coverings should be included in your emergency kit.

County leaders are already making plans for evacuation areas that will avoid large groups. The corona virus is still a threat. If you need to be evacuated your family needs a plan done in advance. Texting will get through faster to connect with others in a disaster area without using much batter power. You may want to discuss a family meet up destination away from home as part of your planning strategy. Your plan should include pets, the elderly, and medical needs of those in your household.

Check the outside of your front and back yard for low hanging trees or branches that need to be trimmed back. Often, shrubs are located next to a rain gutter or drainage area. If there is a surmountable amount of rain, the backup formed from a clogged drainage area could cause damage to your home. When a storm is imminent remove all outdoor furniture, barbeque pits, décor pieces, and plants that may absorb the wind and projectile towards your home or a neighbor’s property.

If you are not getting emergency alerts, sign up now. Shelter in place and do not go outside during a storm. Connect with the Northstar Montgomery County for road closures, updates, and recovery solutions after a storm. When checking on a neighbor’s home after a storm remember to wear a mask and keep social distancing of 6 feet apart.

We do not need a hurricane right now, but it is much worse if you are not prepared!


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