This Christmas season may look different than ever before with your family, guests, and even menu planning. Do what is easy and stress free to enjoy the time with reflection on the true meaning of the season. Afterall isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas really is?

What can you do together with family to make new memories? Start by playing Christmas songs throughout the end of the month. Decorate Christmas cookies by purchasing the easy dough in a roll, bake, and add fun Christmas sprinkles and bright frosting. This is a family activity that can be a new tradition. Make Christmas masks out of paper plates by cutting out the middle, gluing a popsicle stick, and adding decorative construction paper hats, pompoms, glitter, and markers for a creative fun project. Video call family members wearing masks. Hot chocolate or mulled cider tastes great with Christmas cookies!

Adults can enhance the merriment during the Staycation with adult signature drinks topped with candy canes. Recipes to try including a Boozy Grinch Punch, Moscow Mule with Thyme, or a White Chocolate Liquor with crushed candy canes. Schedule your virtual family call via a zoom link sharing the family made masks, your signature drink recipes, and a game of trivia testing everyone’s knowledge. Make your own Bingo cards with family- everyone plays!

Stress free is the key to a successful Christmas in a crazy year full of many letdowns. Decorate your home and wear matching pajamas all day. Have a virtual ugly sweater or family pajama contest. This may be the most memorable Christmas ever!

Let us clean you home now or after the holidays with trained professional cleaning technicians. Our technicians will sanitize your entire home including all 21-touch point surfaces using CDC approved products to maintain the health and well-being of your family. Even the cleanest home can collect germs in places you would least suspect with the most used rooms-bathroom and kitchen collecting the most germs than any other rooms. Give us a call to add more time to your family!

We hope you enjoy the Holidays with your family and make it a season to remember!

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