Who is ready for Spring, the end to the pandemic, and a brighter future? Probably all of us!

Spring cleaning is a term often used to “weed out” and organize your home to get rid of the clutter and wipe down every surface in your home to invite Spring in. During the 1800’s homes were filled with soot and grime in every room since they used kerosene to supply light and heat. Windows were opened in warm weather to let the soot out of the home.

Historically, clean, sanitary homes were a sign of purity before newness of Spring or new life. With the onset of Spring the days get longer, and we see more daylight. The Spring weather brings us all a renewed energy like a bear coming out of hibernation. Fortunately, this year we are recovering from the challenges of 2020 and wintery blast of February!

Now is the time to open the blinds, let the sun in and work on bringing joy into your home. Before you do, it is a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning or do it yourself. Start by organizing and de-cluttering before cleaning.

Spring is a great time to disinfect, thoroughly clean carpets, floors, windows, and bathroom tile surfaces. To make the task manageable we have designed a Spring Checklist to assist with each chore and make it more manageable. We recommend one project a day for a short period of time to make task more manageable.

Deep cleaning one room at a time includes baseboards, windows, bathrooms, ceiling fans, doorknobs, light switches, window treatment, and flooring.

In the kitchen clean the oven, appliances, refrigerator, stove hood, cabinets, and sink thoroughly. Baking soda with a small amount of vinegar creates a chemical reaction to enable tough set-in dirt or stains to be removed.

As you move into the living room wipe down furniture with a wet cloth or use the vacuum nozzle on upholstered furniture. Put a pillowcase over the ceiling fans or lay a blanket on floor to catch dust as you clean each blade of the ceiling fan. If you have carpet anywhere in your home arrange to have it thoroughly cleaned to remove pet dander, dust mites, and other accumulated allergens. Each window treatment (blinds, drapes, or shades) needs a thorough cleaning.

Remove drapes and throw in dryer cycle for fluff with a wet washcloth. Re-hang immediately. Cleaning blinds is very time consuming. Start by filling a small bowl with a mixture of one-part vinegar and one-part water, and then use a clean sock or microfiber cloth to dip in the bowl. Do this for each window in your home. It is a large project.

No one really likes to clean the bathrooms. Focus on cleaning the grout and hard water deposits that have accumulated on sinks, faucets, shower door, and tile. Wipe down the windowsills, door frames, cabinets, shower curtain/enclosure, sink and toilet.

Lastly clean the bedrooms including pillows and mattress. Pillows and mattresses should be washed or dry cleaned twice a year. Mattresses can be cleaned with a vacuum hose attachment, deodorized with baking soda, and flipped to retain shape and last longer. Mattresses collect dust mites, dead skin, allergens, and other particles. All flooring, windows, and window treatments need attention as well.

It is a lot to clean and our professional cleaning technicians LOVE to clean every nook and cranny. Give us a call to schedule your Spring Cleaning!




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