Communication is Key!

There are so many ways to communicate your services and products to the interested targeted audience. Social media, websites, mail, billboards, texting, email, and even the phone!

With so many options many businesses do a little of everything to attract the attention of would-be clients or customers. A determining factor to your successful marketing efforts is when a business receives a follow-up call, email, or inquiry from their website. But what do you do when you get that inquiry?

All your efforts are wasted time and energy of resources if the business doesn’t reply in a timely manner.

At We Clean 4 You we answer EVERY inquiry, EVERY email, EVERY FB message, and absolutely EVERY PHONE CALL! When a customer calls you on the phone, they are looking for human interaction and an immediate conversation to assist with questions concerning business services, a problem that needs to be solved, scheduling service, or possibly dissatisfaction with a past maid service. IF YOU DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE YOU LOSE BUSINESS!

What is more important to your business that being available to your customers?

Customers have told us they left other services not because they didn’t clean their home efficiently, but they could never get in touch with them. Does that even make sense?

Services are done to your specifications. If you don’t need 2 rooms cleaned, but need the oven cleaned, we can do that. Ask and we will answer.

Maid service is intimate. Allowing someone into your personal space, where you live, where you sleep, and where you relax with family involves TRUST. We earn your trust by listening, caring, and being available when you need us. And when you aren’t happy. It’s a relationship. Anyone can clean your home and remove the dust but invite someone in your home you TRUST.

Call and talk to us. We have cleaning elves standing by to take your call. (832) 479-9630.


Feel free to leave us a POSITIVE review! Or call us and we will fix the problem immediately!


It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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