Allergy season is upon us in Houston. There are some things you can do to breathe easier even though the pollen is all around us. They are not scientifically proven, but worth trying if it brings relief and comfort to you and your family.

Don’t make the bed
Dust mites form off dead skin while we sleep. Another reason why we need to wash sheets weekly. If you wait to make your bed, this gives the sheets time to dry. Dust mites fester and grow in warm, wet conditions. Allergy sufferers tend to have a degree of reactions from dust mites. Washing sheets more often during allergy season may also help.

Watch what you eat
If you notice a reaction soon after eating, pay attention to what the triggers may be coming from. This may only happen during the Spring when mixed with pollen. Be aware of reactions with bananas, melons, and tomatoes.

Hand Wash Dishes
Yes, it may help! A higher level of germs is a protectant against reactions from allergies. Your body will build up immunities if allowed to build a resistance. In this case, too sterile can be working against you.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Reducing or eliminating alcohol can make a difference in your allergy reactions. Yeast from alcohol may affect how your body reacts to allergies and by suppressing your immune system.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleanings done as the seasons change is a great way to get rid of the allergens in the home. Every area of the home is cleaned thoroughly including baseboards, window sills, and blinds.

Allergy season will be over soon. We would like to make your life easier so you can enjoy your valuable time. Contact us for more suggestions. We want you to see why our “boutique” cleaning business is just right 4 YOU!

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