Bugs are a continual nuisance in our homes and yards in the summer. Flies, roaches, mosquitos and soon the love bugs will be back. How irritating is it to hear the buzz of a fly or mosquito around your face especially in your home? Nothing is worse than seeing a roach run across your kitchen floor or in your pantry. Bugs just don’t belong in the home. There are a few ways to bug-proof your home to reduce their survival.

Are your door sealed properly? Check for any gaps and consider adding a sturdy threshold under the door with a brush sweep can prevent bugs from crawling in. Weather-stripping and clear caulking will help to seal cracks along sides or top of door.

Bugs love clutter and food. Is your food eating confined to one area of the home? Insure all food is covered and sealed tightly in your pantry. Wash away crumbs quickly. Do you leave pet food out all day? Don’t leave pet food outside or inside for a period of time.

Roaches love paper and food. Vacuum once a week, clean up spills, keep magazine piles to a minimum, and keep up with dirty dishes. Roaches also love water and darkness. Empty trash regularly and fill the dishwasher.

Bugs Outside

Do you have any standing water in a potted plant that doesn’t drain well? This is a breeding spot for mosquitos. Termites, spiders, fleas, and ants love the moisture and grass clippings.

Remove any piles of collected leaves or debris that bugs love to hide in. Check for small gaps around the outside of your home where your cable comes into the home. Seal any openings with pipe sealant or caulk. If you have a chimney there should be a screened damper to keep bugs out. If it is not operating properly, replace the damper.

Boric acid can be used outside to treat bugs without harm to your pets. Prevention is the key!

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