Assistance with home-related expenses is one of the many perks of house and apartment rental. Busted pipes or broken air conditioning?—call the property owner! But while fixes like these have a lot to do with the quality of life you experience in your rental home, a clean space is no less important when it comes to your comfort. So in the absence of many home-ownership costs, why aren’t more renters budgeting for cleaning services?

Reason #1: “This isn’t my property.”

…But it is Your Home
When it come to a rented space, tenants may be inclined to think “This isn’t my property.” And though you may not feel invested in the property, the fact remains that this is your home. So what? Well, what would you do differently if you did own the property? Would you feel more responsible for the space?—more invested in its upkeep? Imagine how much more comfortable you could be, how much more “at home” you would feel if you treated the space as if it was yours, and investing in a cleaning service to maintain the space is part of that positive experience. Returning to a clean home is part of the pride and joy of home-ownership—why shouldn’t you have the same delightful experience?

Reason #2: “No one ever gets their deposit back anyway.”

…But You Can Increase Your Chances of Deposit Return
If you’ve ever rented a property, it’s likely you’ve been part of a deposit debate, or you’ve simply surrendered the battle concluding, “No one ever gets their deposit back anyway.” Many factors contribute to the likelihood of a deposit return, but cleanliness is one factor you can easily control. Not only can regular cleaning keep your apartment or house looking great, a deep cleaning can undo some of the damage of long-term tenancy, increasing the odds of deposit reimbursement and improving your quality of life along the way.

Reason #3: “I can’t afford it.”

…Have You Ever Asked for a Quote?
So you’re convinced that a cleaning service can help get you the clean home and security deposit you deserve, but you may still be wondering “Is it worth it?”…or rather “Can I afford it?” Cleaning services are definitely worth piece of mind for the tenant, and as far as cost is concerned—just ask! Get a quote from WeClean4You and start investing in the cleanliness and comfort of your home today!