Cleaning services and realtors have the same goal in mind—genuine client knowledge and satisfaction. It is a realtor’s responsibility to develop an understanding of their clients’ needs and desires in a new home. A cleaning service has a similar purpose: to develop an understanding of the clients’ needs and desires for a clean and well-maintained home. With goals and purposes so closely aligned, why wouldn’t realtors associate with a well-known cleaning service in order to improve and enhance their own professional services? As a real estate agent, developing an association with a reputable cleaning service will uniquely connect your practice with the visibility, reach, and knowledge necessary for improved client relations.

Community Understanding

Successful realtors establish an understanding of the local community. This knowledge empowers realtors to best serve buyers and sellers alike with a true understanding of local values and resources. You’ve heard it before; real estate is all about location, location, location—and community is a large piece of the “location puzzle.” Most cleaning services centralize in specific communities and have already developed a true familiarity of the community and its service needs. Thus, partnering with a cleaning service is one of many ways to gather community info and develop client profiles to refine your team’s message and approach in that specific community.

Local Networking

You can further develop your community knowledge through networking. Your partnered cleaning service is undoubtedly involved in a professional network of local business already. Communicate how your service can further support the network and community, and you’ll be part of the group in no time. Plus, your association with the cleaning service may be just what it takes to open the networking “door.”

Word of Mouth

Your cleaning service partners aren’t just connected to the local network—they also have direct contact with individuals in the community. Among other attributes, a successful cleaning service can reference the trustworthy reputation of their workers. So when buyers and renters mention they need a deep clean before listing their property, your name could be among the list of reliable realtors their trusted workers recommend.

Trade Secrets

Pop the trunk of a realtor’s car and you’ll find a handful of cleaning supplies for those last minute tours. While many realtors handle light cleaning, and contract the deep cleaning to their cleaning service contact, wouldn’t it be nice to know one or two trade secrets? Ask your cleaning associates, and they may let you in on a secret or two that will lighten your load and make your property sparkle.


Forming a partnership with a cleaning service can double your real estate team’s visibility, contacts, and client reach. Not to mention, associating your practice with a trusted, local cleaning service is an ingenious way to bolster your own professional reputation. Many consumers use only the trusted partner services of their favorite vendors, so sharing in your associate’s established reputation can be a priceless benefit of the partnership you develop.

*image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

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