Multi task and Burn Calories!

Housework! No, it’s not fun, but maybe if we can get a workout connected to the task, we can have more quality time to spend with our family and doing enjoyable things. Let’s try some workouts combined with basic cleaning chores to make it a little bit more fun. Like burning calories? By combining the workout with cleaning you could possibly burn 250 calories an hour. Turn on the music and let’s GO!

Sweeping/Mopping Floors

  • As you sweep the floors, do squats as you bend. All the way down and repeat as you wipe below the counters in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Mopping will require some flexing of your arms and shoulders. Reach and pull back alternating arms to get an even muscle balance that can get your upper body an intense workout.
  • Damp mop your floor with 2 wet rags. Place your feet squarely on rags with your toes straight and your knees balanced over your toes. Do not allow your knees to extend pass your toes, since this causes harm to your knees. Start lunging throughout the floor surface with your arms close to your sides. As you move forward raise your arms forward toward your shoulders. Repeat for 10 intervals.

Pick up items Around House

  • As you see items laying around the rooms, squat-don’t bend, to pick them up. Bending will cause stress to your back and squatting builds your quads, hamstrings, and abs. This is an intentional move that takes thought.
  • Do you have a multi-level home? Going up and down stairs is a great exercise that can be repeated over/over for a more intense work out. Bring items from one room to the other can require multiple times of going up and down the stairs, too.
  • Remember to squat when you do laundry. Pick up baskets and clothes by continuing to squat as you reach down. Don’t bend!

Doing Dishes

  • As you clean off dishes to put in dishwasher or hand wash, flex your calf muscles and move high onto your toes. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this action 10 times.

Window Cleaning and Dusting

  • Get a rag in each hand and reach as high as you can while cleaning in a circular motion.
  • Alternate arms continuing to strengthen gluts, abs, and lower back muscles
  • While dusting furniture, sit when possible and extend arms as far as possible.

Extra Tips

  • Sit on couch and extend legs while wiping down surface of furniture. Do scissor exercises by reaching legs straight and intersecting alternatively for 25 repetitions. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat.
  • Do squats and leg extensions while waiting for microwave.
  • Grab some 1 pound cans of food and do 30 minutes of arm extensions. Grow you arm strength without dumbells.

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