Cleaning a home is a big chore. Not just tidying up, but really cleaning the house by washing the floors, dusting all the furniture, picture frames, lamps, and the ceiling fans. Scrubbing all the bathrooms, polishing mirrors, faucets, floors, and baseboards…it takes up a lot of your time to really clean the entire house.

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a maid. Time moves quickly and we all lead busy lives. Work, raising a family, preparing meals, and participating in things we like to do that do not include cleaning all take the limited amount of time we all have.

A professional maid service will most likely have all their own supplies that work effectively to clean, scrub, and polish your home. You may be able to request chemical-free products to be used in your home but be sure to do that before your appointment.

Trusted maid services train their maids to clean the home in a consistent manner so to not miss a thing. Top to bottom, left to right, room to room with attention to detail. Dusting every surface, cleaning the blinds, wiping off the baseboards, and all the chrome appliances in your kitchen.

If you have pets, the dander and hair collect on the furniture and floors so much that a daily cleaning would be helpful. Do you have time to clean the toilets and shower every week? When was the last time the doorknobs were wiped down? These are all part of the tasks of a professional maid service.

Yes, you can do all this yourself with mopping, vacuuming, and deep cleaning the blinds, and windowsills, but do you really want to do this?

A professionally trained maid WANTS to be at your home and WANTS to make sure you are satisfied with her service so that you request her to come back in 2 weeks. Time is valuable and you will never get back the time you miss. If there is an expectation that was not met, a reputable maid service will return without question and make it right.

We recommend a Deep Cleaning as a starting point if you’ve never had maid service. The service includes cleaning every nook and cranny in your home removing items to dust. Then a Basic Cleaning will maintain the cleaning.

At We Clean 4 You, our maids undergo a rigorous training program before they are allowed in a home on their own. Everyone is insured, bonded and get paid above the average because they are not average maids. They are our assets and we treat them like family!

Professional service when you need it delivered with respect and kindness. Our knowledge and experience delivered at a reasonable fee keep us in the business working for you!


Feel free to leave us a POSITIVE review! Or call us and we will fix the problem immediately!


It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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