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When was the last time you unplugged from everything? No phone, no laptop, no TV, and especially no work? We live in a fast technology, social media, plugged in to all news all the time world. It’s important to your family and your mental health to take a break at minimum once a year.

Why don’t we take vacations? We worry that we have too much to do. No one can do the work without us. There is concern that a week off will put us way behind with no end in sight. Did you know that one quarter of all vacation times are never taken?

Your stress level will dramatically decrease when you take time off. Taking a day off every week to spend time with family helps you re-evaluate your priorities and rest your mind. Taking a week off for a vacation doing something not related to work will improve your concentration level substantially. When your concentration and mind improve your effectiveness at work improves, perspective changes, and creative innovations occur.

It is important for leaders and those that have employees to set the example and take time off of work. Leaders role model what they believe to be important. Improved team work, high morale, and an employee will feel valued when they see that not only does their employer take time off, but they believe the staff should also take time away from work to be with family. Self-care is very important to quality of work and reflects a strong work ethic of respect.

What about Family? Your family will appreciate your time totally away from any signs of work. Do not take a laptop. Check emails, messages once a day, and monitor for critical issues. Most issues and messages can be answered when you return from vacation. No one expects you to follow up while you are on vacation!

Overall health is greatly improved when your stress level is reduced. You are reducing the likelihood of burn-out, depression, a heart attack or even death when you practice self-care and take a VACATION!


We want to make your life EASIER, so you have more QUALITY time with your Family!

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