Whether you forgot to restock the cleaning supplies or you’re simply a fan of DIY cleaning hacks, these solutions will bring out your resourcefulness and make the most of supplies you already have on hand.

Tried and True



Store chalk with your silver items to absorb moisture and discourage tarnish. Concerned about chalk dust?—wrap the chalk in cheesecloth to keep chalky residue contained.


While vodka is better-known for its uses in cocktails, it’s also a highly versatile cleaning agent. You can use vodka as an odor eater spray for shoes, or a handy remedy for oil-based stains (like crayon or lipstick.) A solution of water and vodka is also useful for bringing a streak-free shine to glass surfaces, especially windows.


Speaking of windows, don’t recycle that old newspaper just yet! Instead, reuse your newspapers for window washing. Using a cleaning solution of vodka and water (or vinegar and water), old newspapers are the perfect lint-free substitute for towels and paper towels. Less waste and streak-free windows? Win, win!


Another pesky run in your hosiery? Repurpose damaged stockings for dusting—specifically, delicate items like decorative soaps, potpourri, or cherished figurines. Pantyhose can also be used for detail cleaning of blinds and baseboards.

New Favorites


Dryer Sheets

Much like pantyhose, dryer sheets are ideal for dusting jobs because their static absorbing properties “grab” dust rather than just moving it…to be cleaned again later. Used dryer sheets can be saved for cleaning anything that gathers dust: shelving, lamp shades, fan blades, and much more! Not to mention, unused dryer sheets are ideal for freshening gym bags, suitcases, winter clothing storage, or dresser drawers…anything that could use a bit of clean fragrance.

Compressed Air

You probably use compressed air to clean your keyboard and other hard-to-reach computer components already. However, compressed air is the secret weapon of techies and detailers alike. Use compressed air to clean out the nooks and crannies in your home or car, and remember to wipe down the displaced dust and particles afterward. For your safety, be careful to shield your eyes from the dust, point the can away from yourself, and remember to hold the can upright.


Need a non-abrasive cleaning solution for slender vases and stemware? When a glass is too narrow to fit your hand or a scrub brush, try rice. Fill the vessel halfway with soapy water and add a scoop of uncooked rice. Give the glass a swirl, swish, or shake to agitate the rice and clean the glass interior. Rinse with water and air-dry upside down for a spot-free finish.


But wait…how do I get that “spot-free finish” when I air-dry glassware? If you don’t have a drying rack, glassware can gather condensation and spots instead of a flawless finish while air-drying on dish towels or flat surfaces. Chopsticks can be staggered underneath the glassware, lifting it off of the drying surface and allowing air to dry the vessel thoroughly.
Do you have any DIY cleaning hacks that repurpose everyday items? Leave us a comment and share your favorite solutions for resourceful cleaning.

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