If you’re a Seahawks or Patriots fan, then you’re probably well aware that there’s a big game coming up — aka the Super Bowl. If you plan on watching the game at your house, why not invite a few of your football friends over to watch the game with you? And don’t be fooled into thinking that football is a game only meant for boys. Girls can have just as much fun too watching the Super Bowl, especially with the ferocious Katy Perry headlining the halftime show.

As you start prepping your home for a Super Bowl party, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the cleaning that needs to get done. Fortunately, though, here at We Clean 4 You, we specialize in both basic and deep cleaning services, and we want to help make sure your home is sparkling clean when all your friends come over. If, however, you want to give your home a good cleaning yourself, here are a few tips that we highly recommend you follow.

Start Off with the Walls and Windows

Believe it or not, when people walk through your home, they do pay attention to your walls and windows, probably a whole lot closer than you do. This is why you should give them a quick wipe down before you have any guests over. Remember when wiping the walls to use a damp microfiber cloth, and for any stubborn smudges or fingerprints, a Magic Eraser should do the trick. As far as the windows, you’ll want to use a streak-free cleaning solution that’s made specifically for cleaning glass.

Clear the Way to the Door

The walkway leading up to the front door should be completely clear. If your sidewalk has any type of slippery sealant on it, you may want to consider having your guests come in through a different door, especially if it’s raining.

Make the Doorway and Entrance Welcoming

Next, you’ll want to make sure the doorway and entrance they come through is free of clutter. To enhance the Super Bowl atmosphere, you should consider hanging up a few football posters in the foyer. If you have a table in the foyer, you could stack up a few Patriot’s and Seahawk’s hats, and ask your guests to pick up a hat according to the team they’re rooting for.

Vacuum and Dust and Clean Up the Mess

The last step will likely be the most time-consuming. You’ll want to vacuum each room in your home as well as give everything a thorough dusting and cleaning, especially the bathrooms. You’ll also want to make sure all dirty clothes are in the laundry room where they belong. Additionally, go into each bedroom and make sure all the beds are made. You might not intend for guests to go into the bedrooms, but more than likely someone will ask for a tour of your home, so you’ll want it be organized and tidy.

And remember that if you don’t have time to clean your home, We Clean 4 You can clean it for you.

 *image courtesy of Anders Ruff Custom Designs

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