If you’re moving out of your current apartment or home, you need to clean the space.  Truth is, though, you probably won’t be as enthused about cleaning as you were when you first moved in.  Still yet, even though you won’t be living in the space anymore, it’s best to leave the space sparkling clean.

For those of you who are renting, you can raise the likelihood of getting your deposit back by cleaning up before you leave.   If you’re selling your home, it needs to be clean so you can get top dollar from a buyer.

Regardless of the side of the fence you’re on — selling or renting –you’ll find it advantageous to hire a cleaning company to come in and clean once you’re ready to move out.  If you want to clean the home or apartment yourself, there will be lots of scrubbing, mopping and dusting involved.  Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get the place as clean as possible.

Empty and Defrost the Refrigerator and Freezer

Wipe down all shelves and walls inside the refrigerator and freezer.  If you can pull the shelves and drawers all the way out, run them through the dishwasher with some type of bleaching agent.

Scrub the Sinks, Appliances and Countertops

No one wants come into a home to see food residue left behind by the previous renter or owner. Your goal should be to make the kitchen totally grease-free zone before moving out.

Wipe Down the Kitchen Cabinets

This tip is really simple.  All you need is a damp rag and a water of hot soapy water.  Wash down the cabinets and let them dry.

Clean the Stove and Oven

If you’re lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, there’s no excuse for leaving behind a dirty oven.  If you have to clean the oven yourself, make sure to follow this helpful guide.  And don’t forget to clean around the burners on the stove, as well.

Scrub the Bathrooms

Any showers, sinks and toilets should be scrubbed down with bleach.  You’ll want to clean around the bottom of the toilets as well as behind them.  The shower itself should be sparkling clean, too.  For tips on using vinegar to clean the bathroom, check out this helpful blog.

Don’t Forget the Floors

If the home that you moving out of has carpeted floors, you will need to steam clean and vacuum them.  This is a long process and is one of the primary reasons it’s usually best to hire a cleaning service.

Spot Cleaning

Before you turn the key over to the new owner or renter, do a quick sweep through the house and make sure to remove any smudges, stains or scuffs on the walls.  You should also dust all flat surfaces, blinds and light fixtures.  Lastly, clean both the inside and outside of windows if possible.

Call in the Maid

If you don’t have the time or resources to clean your home before moving out of it, make sure to contact We Clean 4 You.  We can have your home looking spotless, just in time for the new owners to move in.

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