If you do a little straightening every day the chore is not so tough. Do some things daily, and others once a week. This will give your home the appearance of being maintained. This is not deep cleaning or tackling a big job but maintaining the home from day to day to make it seem less overwhelming. Overall it will make you feel accomplished!

Start your day every morning by making your bed. It takes a few minutes and sets the standard for the day. Empty the dishwasher from the night before. Throw in one load of laundry.

Every evening load up the dishwasher and clean off kitchen counter of food and dishware. Remove clothes from dryer, fold, and put away. Gather any accumulated items in the living room and get family members to store in the proper location. Sweep the floor in the kitchen and empty trash.

Now, add on one extra chore each day, excluding Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest for you and your family. Extra chores include bathrooms, dusting, mopping floors, vacuuming, microwave/oven, windows/blinds. Add one chore to tackle each day and do ALL of it. Mopping would be all floors that need mopping, clean each bathroom, dust entire home, and clean off all the blind/windowsills in the home.

Monday: Bathrooms-sinks, toilets, shower/bathtub, countertops
Tuesday: Dusting
Wednesday: Vacuuming
Thursday: Mop Floors
Friday: Microwave/oven
Saturday: Windows/Baseboards/Blinds

We recommend a Deep Cleaning as a starting point if you’ve never had maid service. The service includes cleaning every nook and cranny in your home removing items to dust. Then a Basic Cleaning will maintain the cleaning.

A little clean up every day will make the housework easy to maintain and increase your overall well- being and attitude.

Summary from Navy Seal Admiral William H  McRaven’s commencement speech at the University of Austin in 2014 “Make Your Bed”

  1. Start your day with a task completed
  2. You can’t go at it alone
  3. Only the size of your heart matters
  4. Life’s not fair—drive on!
  5. Failure can make you stronger
  6. You must dare greatly
  7. Stand up to the bullies
  8. Rise to the occasion
  9. Give people hope
  10. Never, ever quit!


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