You love your little ones, but sometimes cleaning can seem like an impossible task with kids at home. The clutter is constantly incoming and you may already feel stretched thin with other priorities. But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and basic cleaning can be shared by everyone in the home—even your kiddos! So prepare for cleaning to become a fun and family-oriented activity that can be a part of your daily routine.

Include the Kids

Instead of carving out kid-free moments to scrub and sweep, find a way to share some age-appropriate chores with your children. Doing so will increase time spent together, and provide the opportunity for children to develop an understanding of teamwork within the household. Start them young by giving them small tasks to complete so they can learn and develop independence. Then, help them experience a feeling of accomplishment as you graduate them up to other tasks, being sure to give consistent praise for hard work. Their achievement could even be compared to “leveling up” in a video game—and we all appreciate a little recognition and gratitude!

Teach Safe Cleaning Practices

Safety is the most important part of cleaning, and your child’s safety is top priority. So make sure your focus on fun is balanced with awareness. Talk to your kids about cleaning safety. Model caution around slippery surfaces and careful use of cleaning products, even natural cleaners. For instance, keep it fun by referring to freshly mopped floors as “hot lava”—Watch Out!


Bring out the fun in cleaning by making it into a game or friendly competition. Make the task into a race, try “musical chairs” style cleaning, form household teams, or create a family chore chart that tracks accomplishments—and don’t forget to celebrate the champion. Decide on a reward that is positive and sustainable so the winner gets a special privilege or prize—you know best which reward would be most appropriate and appreciated in your family.

Take it Easy

Finally, remember to keep realistic expectations as your children are learning to help around the house. It may take a few tries, but the routine will be worth the investment of time and patience. Be easy on yourself too; take a break and remember to laugh! So you decided to play a game in the living room instead of cleaning it…it will still be there tomorrow and you made an important family memory today. Plus, you can always rely on WeClean4Youyou make the memories, we’ll clean the house.

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