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January is the Month to Purge!

Now that the holidays are behind us, we can work a task at a time going through things we collected in 2020 that we did not use. January is a time of renewal, cleansing, and setting new goals. It is a time to look through closets of things not worn throughout the last two years. [...]

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Holidays During Covid

This Christmas season may look different than ever before with your family, guests, and even menu planning. Do what is easy and stress free to enjoy the time with reflection on the true meaning of the season. Afterall isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas really is? What can you do together with family [...]

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Grace and Gratitude

Each day is truly a blessing. This year has been catastrophic to businesses, healthcare workers, schools, entertainment business, and has substantially hurt families.  Loss of income, loss of in person connections with families, and the constant worry about contacting COVID. It has been a stressful year! But here we are in November after eight months [...]

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Hurricane Preparations during Pandemic

June 1 through November 30 is known has the Hurricane Season. As you know storms can happen any time in our area and often without notice. Have you made any preparations for your home and exterior living space including your trees and bushes in case of a severe storm or hurricane? This year will be [...]

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Deep Cleaning After the Stay Home Order

Everyone has been at home for a period as mandated by the federal, state, and local government. Now that families are venturing out and businesses are opening, it is recommended that your home have a Deep Clean. A clean and sanitized home will help your family to stay healthy. Our Deep Cleaning Service will ensure [...]

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Maid Service-A Gift To Your Family

Your time is valuable. How you spend your time is up to you, but your priory should be on the things that matter most. Faith, family, work, and things that bring us joy and create memories are generally at the top of the list. Where is housework in the priority list? All of us lead [...]

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How to Choose Maid Service

Your home is your largest investment and regardless of keeping forever or re-selling the home, you must clean and maintain the appearance for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the value of your investment. Although we can all probably clean our home it takes a lot of time away from doing things we enjoy, including [...]

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