Spring Cleaning

What is this Green Snow?

Why is it called Spring Cleaning? Is that the only time we clean? Traditionally Spring is when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and we get out from our winter blues to enjoy the fresh air. As a North Houston resident, our winters are generally mild, but the season is reflected through the blooming of the trees, the green snow on our vehicles, and the lack of humidity for a very short time.

When the seasons change it’s a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning or do it yourself. Once that is done, the maintenance is done on a rotation by areas of the house. Start by organizing and de-cluttering before cleaning. Start off the task with a Spring Checklist to zip through the process!

Ready, Set, Go!
When cleaning we know to vacuum, dust, and mop floors. But how often do we clean the walls, baseboards, ceiling fans, rugs, and windows. Yes, I did say windows! No worries-make it fun by turning on the music and tackle one room at a time. Do not take on more than one room at a time!

  • Kitchen- are there spots on the walls or ceilings from cooking? Wipe them down now with a de-greaser and heavy spots let them soak before scrubbing more intensely. Next get the corners of the floors and underneath cabinets by the baseboards. Baking soda works well with vinegar and water or your favorite cleaner. Remove all curtains, blinds, and screens from kitchen windows. If this is an annual cleaning as opposed to seasonal-this will take some time to clean the blinds, and screens. (you got this!)
  • Living Room-vacuum the walls with your nozzle piece, wipe down ceiling fan blades with your cleaner and then an antistatic wipe. Be sure to put a pillow case over the blade to trap all the dust. Next clean the baseboards as you did the kitchen. Remove screens, blinds, and all window treatments from windows to clean. Lastly, check the area rugs for stains, dry clean, wash by hand, machine wash, or hose down outside and allow to dry. Remember to clean the carpets and polish the wood furniture!
  • Bathrooms-grout, rugs, walls, and shower enclosures are the focus of this area. Grout takes the longest so put a cleaning solution on the tile and soak while you remove shower curtain, or start on cleaning the glass enclosure on shower. Thoroughly clean this area. Consider adding a grout sealer to prevent hard stains from water and bacteria. You are only doing this every few months so make it SHINE! Remove rugs and clean as mentioned under Living Room.
  • Bedrooms-Most of your guests will never see this area. That is why we are leaving it for last. This room seems to collect the most clutter so be sure and organize prior to cleaning. Maybe even re-arrange the furniture if possible. Remove the mattress and flip it. You may need a partner to implement this. This adds life to your mattress. Next in this order-ceiling fans, clean carpet, window treatments/screens, rugs, and polish wood furniture.


Change your Batteries!
You know the saying “Change the Time, Change Your Batteries!” Smoke detectors save lives. Change the batteries before they start chirping. You should have smoke detectors in every room and the hallway of your house. Do you need help installing them? Call your local fire department to schedule a time for them to come out and assist you with location and installation. It’s a free service.

Green Snow
As mentioned earlier, we get a lot of that gunk outdoors everywhere in the Spring called pollen. On the car, on the porch, outdoor furniture, in the air, and EVERYWHERE! And it tracks inside from the bottom of our shoes, the pets, and our belongings, including our clothing. What can you do? Park the car in the garage, leave your shoes outside, and strip down into different clothes after being outside. Your hair also attracts pollen. Either wear a hat, or shampoo before hitting the pillow at night. Don’t forget washing the pets also. This will also eliminate odors. And as tempting as it is KEEP THE WINDOWS CLOSED!

Keep in mind that Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Blossoms, trees, and wonderful weather.  Keep smiling!


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