School is in session. Labor Day is approaching. How are the first couple of weeks going?

Scheduling is an important part of staying on task during the busy week juggling school, work, kid’s activities, meetings, and church or community involvement. Kids aren’t the only ones that need to be on a sleep schedule. The later you stay up doing cleaning, straightening the house, or working on projects, the more mentally frustrated you will be the next day or throughout the week.

Is there a planned time to talk about the day with all family members? Now is a good time to plan this into the day. Both your kids and spouse need time to share what went on during the day to stay connected as a family. Daily family time even for a half-hour will keep everyone engaged on what lies ahead, special projects or events, and will provide a strong sense of belonging on the family unit. Any activities or projects can be added to the family calendar so there are minimal surprises. Unplanned spontaneous activities are okay if it something fun, but surprise projects can be challenging or upsetting if dependent on another member of the family to complete.

Any after school meetings, work-related events, kid’s activities and organizational events should be discussed and added to the calendar for all to see and be accountable. Do kids attend a daycare facility or sporting event that parents need to sync in their schedules?

Every evening kids and adults should plan their wardrobe for the next day to increase efficiency and allow time for a short conversation and a meal, if possible before the day starts. Communication and even brief family time will get your day off to a positive start!

Housecleaning is important for both physical and mental well-being but quality time with your family is the priority. We are your local residential maid service cleaning for you while allowing quality time with your family. Can you put a price on that?


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