Reviews are critical to our business. Nothing is more important to a small business than having positive feedback. When an issue arises, and customers are unhappy, corrections are made immediately to their satisfaction. To date we have 78 reviews on Facebook with a 4.9 rating and 47 reviews on Google with a 4.6 rating. We take pride in those reviews and are hopeful we can achieve additional positive reviews in 2019.

Social media service strategy affects your brand. Negative reviews and customer care issues can be scattered all over social media and immediate attention must be given to any brand mention or review. Monitoring your brand name over several platforms is critical. Customers expect to receive feedback within 30 minutes of a mention. Both positive and negative mentions need to be addressed to raise visibility and brand awareness.

When you get a bad review do not get defensive. That will compound the problem. Ignoring it isn’t good either. It may show you don’t care or aren’t on top of things. Do not go head to head on social media with the perpetrator or about them online. That is not good form and it will hurt you and your business credibility.

What is the best course of action? Acknowledge the issue. Apologize for anything that could have been handled better. Understand their concern and show empathy. Keep promoting a positive image of your business. If it takes fixing something away for free, do it.

One bad apple can ruin the pie and cause a mountain of injury and false propaganda to your business. It is better to profusely apologize and turn the other cheek then to exert negative energy on something that isn’t worth your time. Your customers will read between the lines and business will get past the hiccup.

Routing the customer to private messages when you need to respond to a customer with personal information or to walk them through their personal experience. Always notify the customer publicly on the feed so that anyone who stumbles upon the conversation can see that you responded immediately. A simple, “we sent you a private message” is enough explanation.

Always be authentic and personal. It shows in your delivery.

Fake Google Reviews can be flagged or disputed. Wait 24 hours after disputing, and then if the review hasn’t been removed, call Google to get results. Look for your listing on Find the icon with three lines in the upper left part of the page and click on it to find “support.” You’ll be able to chat or phone someone at Google about your problem.

We just want you to be happy!

Feel free to leave us a POSITIVE review! Or call us and we will fix the problem immediately!


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